March 10, 2022, by Habbi Liton

What is the Wings for Life World Run?

So, you’ve signed up to the Wings for Life Warm Up 5K and 10K challenges on the UoN Sport Moves+ app, and you could be in with winning an entry into the Wings for Life World Run, but what actually is it?

Well, it is a race unlike any other- there is no set distance…


About Wings for Life

Wings for Life is a non-profit organisation that works towards finding a cure for spinal cord injuries, and their annual World Run plays a huge role in raising money for their cause.

100% of the entry fees for the race go to spinal cord research projects and studies.

Happening on Sunday 8 May this year, the event has been running for 9 years and is a highly coveted race to participate in due to its incredible cause!


How does it work?

You start running with thousands of people around the world at the exact same time- 12:00 pm– using the Wings for Life World Run app, and you run as far as you can until the Catcher Car passes you.

30 minutes after the race starts, the Catcher Car sets off (virtually). When you are overtaken by it, your race is finished. You can set any distance target for yourself, and the winner is the person who runs the furthest before being caught.

Not only will you be running to challenge yourself, but for a good cause as 100% of the starting fees (which UoN Sport are contributing on your behalf if you win the Moves challenge) go towards research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury.


Preparing for the race

Our new Red Bull sponsored challenges, the Wings for Life Warm-up 5K and 10K will certainly set you in good stead to prepare for the real thing.

We have plenty of workouts, warm-ups, running tips and fitness information on our InstagramFacebook and here on our blog that will help you get ready for the event!

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