December 2, 2021, by Grace Dixon

Volunteer of the Month: Kate Hood

Here at the Leadership Academy, it is the volunteers and their amazing contributions that make it what it is. We would not be able to make a positive impact in the local community without them. Therefore, it is time to celebrate what these fantastic volunteers do with Volunteer of the Month!

Volunteer of the Month

Kate Hood has been chosen as this months as volunteer of the month. She has made an outstanding contribution towards children in the local community. Her volunteering has involved going into schools or hosting days at David Ross and sharing her Korfball knowledge. Here, is a little bit about what volunteering is to her…

What has been your favourite thing about volunteering?

Teaching the children how to play a sport that they haven’t played before. You are often introducing them to a sport that they would not normally have the opportunity to do. The excitement as they greet you each session is also lovely.

What has been the hardest thing about volunteering?

The hardest thing is not having the chance to progress further with the children in their skills. The sessions can only run for several weeks. Also, fitting the sessions into my university teaching schedule requires better time management from me which can sometimes be difficult.

What is the most important thing to remember when volunteering?

That the children are there to learn something new and to have fun. It doesn’t always have to follow the session plan exactly or be under complete control all the time. Sessions can go a bit off focus!

How has volunteering helped you/will help you in the future?

Volunteering has given me the chance to practise my communication and leadership skills. I can translate these skills for future jobs and team working opportunities. It has also helped me increase my confidence in leading and teaching other people new skills.

Kate has made a positive contribution for both the children and her future self. Volunteering can sometimes be viewed as only for the benefit of others however this is not true. There are immediate benefits such as increased self-esteem and a break from academics. There are also the long term benefits that Kate mentioned, the development of essential skills for later life.

A huge congratulations to Kate for being an amazing volunteer!

Get Involved

There are many volunteering opportunities within the Leadership Academy. If Kates story makes you want to get involved, check out the Leadership Academy website or Facebook page for more information!

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