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September 18, 2021, by brzbs1

Discover Intramural Sport

The University of Nottingham is proud to run one of the largest intramural sport programmes in the UK.

Over three-thousand students a year participate in Nottingham’s IMS scheme, engaging in sport within their hall, alongside course-mates and amongst friends. With a range of thirteen different sports to experience, from mixed badminton to women’s seven-a-side football, IMS provides a route for all abilities to #FindYourActive. Find out more below about some of our students experiences at the university participating in our IMS programme.


“When I first heard about IMS, I assumed it was only for On Campus Accommodation, but it caters for all types of accommodation and abilities, allowing off campus students to get to know different halls. I joined IMS in First Year, expecting to be out of my depth as someone who had not joined BUCS – but everyone was so friendly, it was an excellent way to broaden my horizons at Nottingham.”

Hannah, English Student.


“It’s a great way to go out and socialise, whilst still playing a game you love – I would recommend it to anyone joining, as a fresher or any year.”

IMS Table Tennis Team.


“After not managing to join the BUCS Netball teams in my First Year, I thought I had missed out on playing my favourite sport at University. However, after a few weeks I realised my Hall, Cripps had a team – and turned up one Wednesday afternoon to play. I ended my first term at Nottingham as Captain. IMS carved many of my key friendships at Nottingham, allowing me to improve on my netball – and spurring me on to apply for an executive position within IMS in my final year.”

Issy, History Student.


During our All-Star event in June, we also asked our students to describe the university’s intramural sports programme in one word. Their answers included the words social, rewarding, friendly, competitive and inclusive.

If you are interested in our intramural sport programme and would like to find out more, please visit the IMS section on our website here. If you know your hall, you can also join your Hall’s Facebook group right now to meet new friends and think about entering Hall teams into Intramural Sport!

You can also find out all you need to know about our Welcome Fair and Welcome activities by visiting our Welcome webpage.

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