August 2, 2021, by Habbi Liton

Returning to a “Normal” Gym

With most restrictions on social contact being removed from Monday 19th July in England, our facilities will again adapt to the guidance as we navigate the next step in the government’s road to recovery.

Many will welcome the news that our Fitness Suites will now operate more in-line with pre-pandemic normalcy, with the removal of the booking slot system and social distancing measures. This should create more freedom of time and space in and around the gyms, as you will now be able to scan in any time and stay for as long as you wish, with more space and equipment becoming available too.

While this is a positive step in returning to normality, it is important that we remain aware of ourselves, others, and our surroundings, so that we can continue to exercise safely, effectively and comfortably as we return to a more “normal” gym environment.


Be Mindful

While we will be welcoming the changes back to a more normal gym setting, it is important to remember that the booking system has actually been preferred by many. Everyone is still at different comfort levels when it comes to social contact, so we ask you to be mindful and respect that some members may still not be comfortable sharing equipment, being within two metres or removing their face mask.

Aim to understand that others may be more or less anxious than you. We have all had different and unique experiences over the past fifteen months, so let’s be open to asking others if they are comfortable with sharing kit or being within close proximity, and explaining to others what we are comfortable with. Please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Health & Fitness Team if you need support at any time during your visit.


Keep It Clean

You’ll find the cleaning and hand sanitising stations have remained in place despite the easing of restrictions. We will continue to ask members to wipe down touchpoints on any equipment used, to encourage safe practice moving forward and help limit the spread of any infections around the Fitness Suites.


Follow the Etiquette

While most of our COVID-specific restrictions will end, we still kindly ask members to observe our Fitness Suite Etiquette, which details appropriate clothing and footwear, what you can bring and behaviour in the Fitness Suites. Our full Etiquette can be found here.


Plan Your Visit

Our Fitness Suites, along with other activities around the sport facilities, are inevitably going to become more unpredictable with the absence of social restrictions. Without a booking system, we can’t know exactly how many members to expect in the gyms at any given time. But assuming we fall back into pre-pandemic habits, there will likely be busy and quiet times in the gym to fit around work and study schedules.

With that said, if you prefer training in a quieter gym environment, plan your visit to avoid peak times (usually 4:00-8:00pm). Visit this page for full details about the Fitness Suites, which includes more specific information on gym usage and peak times at the bottom:


Make the Most of Your Membership

We’d encourage you to enhance your experience with us by booking or just turning up for multiple activities on the same day now or throughout your week. You don’t just hold a gym membership. Gym, swim, climb, snooker, indoor/outdoor courts and sports, or join a group exercise class – make the most of your inclusive UoN Sport and Fitness Membership. Try some new activities alone or with friends, meet new people, reach your potential and have a good time.

Just ensure to book facilities which still require a reservation (swimming, climbing, classes, sports and courts), and book an induction/lesson or speak to a member of UoN Sports Staff if you are trying something for the first time and would like some more information.


Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the UoN Sport and Fitness community for working with us to allow us to reopen and operate safely and successfully over the past year. The restrictions have been a new experience for us all, so we appreciate the understanding and action you have taken to help make reopening a reality. Thank you for staying with us and sharing the experience!

If you have any questions or concerns when returning to our Fitness Suites post-restrictions, please speak with a member of staff within the UoN Sports Staff Team, or reach out to us at

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