June 1, 2021, by Grace Dixon

Sports Volunteering: Who You Help

When talking about sports volunteering, there is always an emphasis on what volunteering can do for you. It is very easy to focus on the personal gains whether that is experience for the CV or positive mental health. It is very easy to forget that volunteering actually really benefits the local community. Those you volunteer with are always extremely grateful for your time and effort.

Club Volunteering

Volunteering within your club will impact so many people. Every single member has something to gain by you offering your knowledge. You might not even realise that people are benefitting but they really are!

This is especially beneficial to the newer members of the club. They get a realistic role model to look up to and learn more about their favourite sport. Having someone that they deem approachable would make them feel safer in opening up to you and can help alleviate any stress whether that is club related or personal.

Creating and maintaining a positive club environment will allow all members to thrive and contribute as much as they can. This in turn will help the club as a whole to be successful. A win-win all round.

Local Community Volunteering

A large proportion of the sports volunteering on offer at the University of Nottingham is in the local schools. These children are mainly primary school age and have the very unique opportunity to try sports that may not have even heard of.

Having the chance to play these fantastic sports provides children the chance to get into sports that they may have never considered before. Who knows where this could take them later in life?

There is also the addition of the health benefits: both physical and mental. Being active and being active with their peers helps to keep the mind and body health in a super fun way. It doesn’t seem like a chore to run around with friends!

The amount of excitement and joy that these once-a-week sessions provide is immeasurable. While the volunteers may not think twice about that small amount of time, for the children, it is such a significant contribution to them. For many of them, it truly is the highlight of their week!

Long-Lasting Impacts

You may not consider this, but to the people you volunteer your time to, you are a role model. The children will always remember the people that gave them an opportunity, long after it has ended.

They will respect that you gave them your time, they will respect you gave them your effort, and they will respect that you gave them your expertise. All these things are invaluable. Especially after the many lockdowns, your kindness in volunteering will be immense.

Get Involved

Now is a perfect time to start thinking about the contributions you can start making by volunteering through sports. It may not be a huge deal to you however it has the potential to change people’s lives. Volunteers may not always be thanked. But just know that they are always valued and cherished!

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