April 11, 2021, by brzmjb1

An Open Letter to Gym… It’s been a while

Dear Gym,

Or do you prefer Gymmy? Gymothy?! Anyway, it’s been a while. Months have passed since I’ve seen you properly. Internally, you’ve been idle while the world outside hasn’t moved much faster. I know the lockdown has been lonely for you when you’re used to hosting so many guests all the time. But things are slowly getting back to a normal state which I’m sure you are welcoming with open arms (or automatic doors).

It’s a strange time for sure. Embracing the constant changes (or lack of change) has had its positives and pitfalls. How’ve you been? What’s new? Quite a lot I heard. State-of-the-art toys to play with and new paths to follow. And I know you recently started seeing visitors again which is great news. I’ve seen you from a distance on campus a couple times since I returned, but haven’t quite managed to say hi yet. I will.

I’m ready and comfortable to see you again. I haven’t forgotten all you’ve done for me. You’ve made me a better person physically, mentally, socially, and supported my goals and ambitions. I want that again. And even when you did close your doors to me and everyone else, you couldn’t help yourself but continue to share what you have to offer virtually, and work behind the scenes to get ready for April 12th. Now you are open once more, I know you’ll strive to make me feel safe in ongoingly uncertain times. Goodness, am I being dramatic here? Probably. Sometimes the truth can be a bit cheesy.

I can’t wait to see you properly, Gym. I’ll be sure to reconnect with you at a steady pace, share your offerings with others, and adapt to any changes you’ve undergone since we last met. And yet it’ll probably feel like nothing’s changed at all when we’re back in the swing of things.

Until we do meet again, take care, and remember: no liquid chalk please. Thanks!

Your sincerely,

Bharat Samra

Fitness Instructor

Department of Sport

The University of Nottingham

For more information on the re-opening of our facilities and how to pre-book your gym sessions please click here.

The fitness suites at UoN Sport will re-open on the 12 April to all Members and PAYG customers.
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