February 23, 2021, by Mathilde Tighe

The top 5 mental health benefits of exercise

Your mind and body are closely linked, so if your body feels better, there is a good chance your mind will too.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone’s lives, both physically and mentally, so here are our Top 5 tips on how to improve your mental health through exercise during this lockdown, using UoN Sport Moves+ app to keep track of your activity.


Boost your energy

Exercising frequently will not only improve your physical health, but your energy levels and reduce mental exhaustion!

Completing five 30-minute activities a week fulfils the NHS recommended amount of exercise, and will make you feel more energized throughout the day. Track your activity with Moves+ and see how your energy increases as you get active!


Reduce stress

Stress can manifest both mentally and physically, sometimes leaving you tense with muscle pain and headaches, to name a few symptoms. Exercising can help combat this stress by releasing endorphins, relaxing your muscles and relieving tension in your body.

As your body learns to cope with the stress it experiences during exercise, it can apply these lessons during future stressful situations both mentally and physically.


Improve sleep

Exercise is widely acknowledged as an excellent remedy for a number of sleep issues such as having difficulty falling asleep, quality of sleep and more.

Even short bursts of exercise for 10 or 15 minutes a day can help regulate your sleep patterns and help you feel more awake throughout the day! Keep track of your activity by using Moves+, and watch your sleep improve as you get active!


Keep your brain young- sharper memory and thinking

Exercising releases a number of useful chemicals, especially endorphins which can help your concentration and make you feel more mentally sharp when completing other tasks!

Exercise also encourages the growth of new brain cells and can even delay the onset of degenerative diseases as you get older.


Reduce anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety are two of the most widely recognised mental illnesses, and they affect millions of people. Though it may seem difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, the benefits are incredible.

The endorphins released during exercise trigger your brain to increase your sense of wellbeing and health and can work within just 15 minutes of exercise! Finding an activity that you enjoy is also important- Moves+ can track steps, running, swimming and cycling, so take your pick!


Prioritising your mental health has never been more important, so get active and make the most of Moves+ by tracking your activities to earn points and prizes.

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