February 9, 2021, by Mathilde Tighe

The top 5 ways that connecting with friends can help you make the most of Moves+

So you’ve downloaded Moves+ and connected your wearable, but what next? Connecting with your friends, team members or colleagues might give you the motivation you need to get active and make the most of the Moves+ app!


Friends can hold you accountable

Ever wanted to cancel your fitness class and stay in bed, but you can’t because you are meant to be going with your friend? Planning to exercise at the same time as friends, or even just telling them about your own plans, can mean that you are less likely to put off a workout! ?


Challenge each other

Why not take on one of our in-app challenges as a group? Compete against your friends to see if you can all complete our Lockdown 100K walking challenge, or if you’re a group of avid cyclists, how about the Cycle 2021 Miles? You can compare times, discuss your favourite routes and give each other tips.


Join a community

The Moves+ app boosts the community spirit between students on and off campus, staff, sports clubs and more, meaning that you can still enjoy the #GreenAndGold spirit virtually! Seeing others taking part the same challenges as you is motivating! ??


Motivate your friends

It always feels good to complete an activity and see your points go up, so we are encouraging you to congratulate your friends, teammates and colleagues when they do the same! Having that motivation from others can make all the difference when it comes to keeping active.


Social aspect of fitness is important

The social element of a healthy lifestyle is just as important as working out and eating well. Using Moves+ to connect with friends and share your fitness journey is a great way to boost your physical and mental health.


So, invite all your friends and make a group, or join one of our existing groups to be part of the Moves+ community and keep fit! ??

To download the app, visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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