August 24, 2020, by Charlotte Gauja

How to prevent injury when returning to the gym

This week we re-opened the David Ross Sport Village alongside the Sutton Bonington Sport Centre. We are excited to welcome you back to our fitness facilities and understand that you will be ready to jump back into your training programme. We caught up with our experts at the Sport Injury Clinic to provide top tips on how to prevent injury when returning to the training.

Warm-up well

Your body may have had time away from exercises and time away from the exercises you do in the gym. Ensure your body is warmed up correctly targeting all the areas you will be working in your session in addition to a cardio warm up to increase your heart rate ready for exercise. Aim for a good quality warm up of 5-10 minutes with dynamic stretching incorporated.

Reduce your weights

If you have been unable to lift your usual weights during lockdown you will have deconditioned, so the weights you can lift will be less than previous. Deconditioning can happen in as little as 10 days so don’t underestimate the strength you may have lost. Ensure you work from a lighter manageable weight and slowly build back up to previous weights.

Gradual return

Similar to muscular strength you may have experienced deconditioning in your cardiovascular endurance. Do not expect your body to be able to complete the same workouts you did previously. You may need to add more breaks into your workout or reduce the reps. You may find you need additional rest days than previous. This is all normal and is just your body re-adjusting to getting fit again.

Recovery is essential

Your body may need additional recovery days than previous and you may also be more sore following workouts. This is due to the deconditioning you may have experienced and you need to allow your body time to adjust to working out again.  In addition to deconditioning you may have tightened up from a change in your working/daily environment. Ensure you are taking adequate rest periods, stretching and fuelling correctly.

Focus on progress

Do not get disheartened by strength or fitness you may have lost over this period and avoid going too hard too quick to try and gain it back quickly. Instead take baseline measurements of your fitness and strength at this time going back and monitor you progression as a positive.

Follow safety protocols

To avoid infection of yourself or others ensure you follow all necessary protocols put in place by your gym. Ensure you clean equipment before and after use to protect yourself and others. Maintain social distancing and stay safe.


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