February 26, 2020, by Charlotte Gauja

Work for Us | A catch up with a Student UoN Sport Ambassador

University of Nottingham sport are currently inviting applications for a range of ambassador roles to support our programmes during the 2020/2021 academic year.

The paid part-time roles are ideal for students passionate about sport, staying active and who are looking for flexible roles to fit around their studies.

We caught up with Alex Pitt, a MA Classics student and the current Engage social media ambassador about her experience as a part-time ambassador.

What are the benefits of working at UoN Sport?

This job allows you to pursue what you’re passionate about. One of our ambassadors, Victoria, is passionate about reducing waste and climate issues so we included a successful clothes swap at the event. New ideas and creativity are encouraged in this job and push you to step out of your comfort zone. There is nothing more rewarding than planning an event from start to finish and seeing your ideas become a reality. I believe this experience will truly benefit me and continue to aid all of the ambassadors in our future careers.

What is the support like?

The UoN Sport staff are extremely supportive so I have never felt out of my depth and always feel like I can ask for help if I need it. However, there is also a large level of freedom to run with projects and cultivate my own ideas, so there is a perfect balance. More importantly, it does not feel like work. I am constantly trying new things and having fun. I get to be creative and work with like-minded people. This job has been such fun so I don’t view this as work, the UoN sports staff are incredibly friendly and embrace your presence immediately. I cannot recommend applying for this job enough.

Do you have to be sporty to do this role?

You don’t have to be sporty to do this role. Just enthusiastic and ready to get involved and try new things! You need to be organised but you receive training and can always ask for help.  Working for UoN sport gives you all sorts of training. I have received training in marketing, in leading sessions which were delivered by the Street Games and I have also received female activator training.

What’s been your favourite experience?

I have been given the opportunity to organise and run multiple events. My favourite experience so far has been the incredible female empowerment event Girls Night In, which I have loved working on. Girls Night In is an incredibly rewarding event, there is a lot to organise and there is always pressure for the event to go well. However, seeing hundreds of girls making new friends and trying sports they wouldn’t have previously tried is worth any stress that is endured. Girls Night In interacts with around 300 girls and concentrates on empowerment, something which I am extremely passionate about.

What top 3 things will you take from this role into your future career?

  1. I have learnt how to be organised and time efficient, balancing my MA degree with a job. I have multiple deadlines that need to be met at similar times so learning how to balance these and organise my time will certainly be beneficial to any future career.
  2. Marketing efficiently. I have learnt how to use design software such as canva. I have learnt how to use instagram and facebook to promote events and the programme. This could easily be transferred to my future career.
  3. Team work. Working with other people is not always easy but it is a part of every job so is an important skill to have.

Do you have any top tips for those going for these roles?

Be yourself and enjoy your experience. Interviews are always stressful but everyone at UoN sport is so friendly so there is nothing to worry about. When coming to the interviews make sure you have some ideas about potential events or innovative ideas about campaigns you’d like to see.

This job has given me immense experience which I believe will be invaluable to any future career I want to pursue.

This role has also helped me forge friendships and try new things on a regular basis. Working in a team is a crucial skill for life as well as any future jobs. I am sure that my fellow ambassadors would agree. It would be easy to argue that the people have been the best part of working for UoN sport.

Victoria Hornagold is one of my fellow team members and she says,

“The people I’ve met through working at U0N has been the best part of it. They are all so diverse and have taught me about lots of new sports but also how to work with people who are at first strangers but become your friends.”

Ella Wyrwas is our disability sport ambassador and says,

“It is a really rewarding job with lots of freedom allowing you to put your own spin on things and really see the impact you’ve had.”

Alec Lewis is one of our Men’s Health Active ambassadors and says,

“It’s such a great environment to work in, everyone is so friendly and supportive. The hours are really manageable and flexible. I couldn’t imagine a better student job!”

The UoN Sports ambassador roles really are an incredible opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to be part of next years UoN Sport Ambassadors team applications are now open, apply here.

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