January 21, 2020, by Charlotte Gauja

10 Top tips for Headliner Water Polo Spectators

With only 8 days until the Water Polo Headliner event, we thought we would provide you with some basic rules and expectations in the pool so you can be the best #GreenandGold spectators on 29th January.

1. The game starts with a swim-off

Let’s set the scene – excited #GreenandGold spectators fall to silence around the pool as both teams line up at opposite sides of the pool, the ball is placed on one side of the pool where the teams compete in a swim-off sprint to decide who gets to the ball first and therefore which team takes the first possession.

2. Raising the temperate! – Not only will things heat up in the pool when the action gets underway, but the pool environment itself will also be very warm and humid. It’s recommended that you take any heavy coats/jackets off otherwise you might just melt! We will have the RedBull wings team on hand in reception to keep you refreshed if you are in need a cold drink!

3. Green, Gold and White?! – Just when you thought you were supporting the #GreenandGold our Water Polo team have thrown another colour into the scheme – the Nottingham team will be playing in white hats as the home side. You might not recognise your housemate in their glamourous Water Polo swimming cap so if you are supporting an individual, find out what number they will be wearing on their hat.

4. To add more to the colour scheme – You won’t be able to miss our goalie, Rhona Savin, as the goalkeeper has to wear a red cap. Cheer’s such as ‘great save’ won’t go a miss!

5.Watch the clock – this match is divided into quarters that last 7 minutes. The clock is stopped, however, while a foul is being taken, so the average quarter lasts around 12 minutes.

6.“Shoot!” – As exciting as it is to shout every time Nottingham get the ball, try to watch the clock and be tactical with your cheering; each team’s possession lasts around 30 seconds, unless they shoot or lose the ball prematurely. At the end of the 30 seconds, it is completely acceptable to shout ‘Shoot!’. You never know, you might be the 14th team member and help the #GreenandGold seal the win in the final seconds.

7. Exclusions – players can be excluded from the game for 30 seconds for holding or sinking a player who does not have the ball, swimming over another player, splashing water in player’s faces. Being down right brutal can mean a permanent exclusion from the game and potentially even the tournament!

8. ‘Man up!’ – Shouting ‘Man up!’ at our water polo ladies is not as bad as it may seem… Following the exclusion of a player on the opposite team, the term ‘Man up!’ is used to let your team know that they have an extra player for the next 30 seconds. This is called a ‘Man up situation’.

9. Encouragement – with 200 spectators, our ladies will want to keep you entertained, one way to do so is throw a back shot.   We want you to be as supportive as possible and in the spirit of University of Nottingham support fair play. The back shot is kindly demonstrated by India here.

10. Respect – Finally, players from both teams work hard to train and develop themselves through their love of the sport of Water Polo. The game has grown significantly in terms of skill and profile and we encourage you to support both teams at the end of the match win, lose or draw as we seek to collectively grow the game in the UK.

We are looking forward to the atmosphere in the David Ross Sports Village Pool on the 29th January! If you haven’t got your ticket yet, make sure you get one of the last remaining tickets here.

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