August 19, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Reasons to get involved with Sport at University of Nottingham

At the University of Nottingham Sport we pride ourselves on providing physical activity to any student whatever your sporting ability!

Sport at the University of Nottingham may seem daunting as we do have elite athletes working with us but we also have the best participation programme in the country!


Meet new people with similar interests

If you are keen to meet lots of people from different backgrounds to enrich your university experience, sport is a great start!

You’ll be meeting people who have a similar interest as you, so you’ve got an easy conversation starting point.

You may want to trial for a team if you enjoy winning, here you’ll be meeting potential teammates, who are likely competitive and driven like you.

You may want to try something completely new, so you’ll head along to an engage session that is filled beginners who might have also googled how to hold a squash racket.


Have a break from your course

Yes, we understand you’ve come to university to get an amazing degree, however having a break from your books and getting active can refresh and re-energise your brain.

Getting active encourages creativity so you may have a first-class brainwave mid jog!


Stay fit and healthy

Keeping active at University will do wonders for your physical health… but also your mental health.

We understand university can be overwhelming at times but the benefits of exercise such increased endorphins and giving your brain a break can help you maintain a positive healthy attitude.


Try something new

University is a great opportunity to try something you haven’t done before, with over 75 sports clubs available we bet you can’t have tried all of them!

You might have never heard of something before but the safe environment and high quality coaching means there isn’t a better place to give something a go.


We hope this has provided you with some University Sport knowledge ahead of moving to Nottingham, should you have any further questions please visit

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