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University of Nottingham Sport’s Unsung Hero Lynn Turton recognised at BUCS Awards

Lynn Turton, the BUCS and Clubs coordinator for University of Nottingham was recognised this evening at the BUCS Awards for her outstanding contribution to University and College Sport.

She made the final three and was shortlisted for the Unsung Hero award which recognises excellence and commitment to supporting student sport above any beyond the call of duty – something which Lynn has done consistently since 26th June 2006.

Lynn’s passion for students to achieve is integral to the team ethos at UoN Sport, she dedicates many hours above and beyond and  always puts her role first. Without her knowledge and relationships with students, fellow universities and BUCS, UoN wouldn’t have seen the progression it has. Always providing everyone she meets with an honest answer or a laugh and most of the time both. She is loved by her colleagues and students alike, and has effected thousands of students experience at UoN over the years.

She has overseen and delivered multiple changes including coordinating student athletes in BUSA and BUCS, a move from student union to university and the creation of UoN Sport, the changes have required adaptation to approach/processes to ensure students are provided with quality customer service and developing the student offer. Lynn influenced how fixtures are communicated and reported ensuring effective processes. Her commitment to the role and the students is exemplary year on year.

Student sport with weekly fixtures and competitions often means a 7 day week, and her working day into the evening, taking time away from her family. Always contactable regardless of day or time, troubleshooting and answering queries. This is done without question to ensure effective service for the students. This commitment to her role and students evidences her willingness to go above and beyond,

To summarise her achievements in sport in one article wouldn’t do her justice, but below are just a few things she has been involved with or overcome during her time at University of Nottingham.

  • 13 years of service in the same role
  • Increase number of teams 56 to 118
  • Inclusion of national leagues
  • No additional support since the start
  • Very low record of walk overs
  • Training to over 125 captains and 40 committees
  • Great working relationships with other universities
  • Effectively delivers key data on BUCS progress in review periods
  • Entry and logistics for around 20 individual competitions a year
  • BUCS Nationals: 160 athletes, 20 staff attended. Booking of transport, logistics, registration, entries
  • Booked rooms for 2020 to ensure students can have a great experience.
  • Travelled with the EUSA contingent organising logistics for this annual competition including transport, flights, accommodation, entries and VISA’s
  • Forecasts and manages a substantial budget for all BUCS expenses
  • Provided knowledge on our sport facilities, operations and logistics to help organise BBW
  • Lead the annual Sports Ball, over 500 attendees with 134 nominations and 13 awards
  • Developed expense claim process to online, making the system much more accessible for students
  • Input into all regional BUCS meetings as well as BUCS strategy papers and reviews

Lynn Turton’s achievements were recognised at the BUCS Award 2019

Lyn Winkworth, UoN Sport Club development coordinator

“It can’t be denied that Lynn’s organisation and logistics allows students to achieve their potential which has had the knock on effect of the University looking likely to have their best ever BUCS season. Lynn works tirelessly to ensure that fixtures go ahead and that our students are safe as well as having a great experience in their sporting career.”


Andrew Shemeld, Nottingham Trent University

“I believe that Lynn Turton stands out as an exemplar for sports administrators within the sector, being both approachable and fiercely loyal to her students. She does work that rarely gets noticed on a wider scale and deserves recognition for her unwavering support to fair sport and a dedication to high standards that she goes above expectations to deliver.”


Millicent Doherty UoN Sport Tennis President 2018/2019

“Lynn Turton is one of the kindest and most helpful members of staff I have come across throughout my time at Nottingham. Her organisation and passion for her job, and for sport at Nottingham is clear. Her role keeps her incredibly busy, yet still always has time for the individual student, no matter how big or small their issue may be.”

Thomas Goss UoN Sport Futsal President 2018/2019

“Lynn has been exceptional for Futsal this year! We have had a number of cancellations been forced to move the timings of a few games to ensure we have coaches at all of our fixtures and Lynn has catered to every whim. Without Lynn’s tireless hard work, I have no doubt that the club would not have had the successful year that we have gone on to have! We owe a lot to Lynn and would therefore be over the moon if she were to be recognised for her valuable work.”

Quote from Adam Prachett UON Sport Basketball 16/17 and Sports Officer Alumni 17/18

“It’s hard to put into words how much Lynn does for UON Sport and how loved she is by all students. Throughout my time at university both as a club president and SU sports officer, Lynn was an invaluable source of honest advice and support. Happily telling me off when I had done something wrong whilst being genuinely prod of my achievements. Lynn is undoubtedly the other of all ION Sport students during their time at university. But, Lynn goes one step further even after student have graduated she takes the time to keep in touch, offer advice, welcoming students back with open arms to continue the culture of forever Green and Gold. University becomes a second home for students during their studies and Lynn is the heart of that home for everyone. In short there is going above and beyond, and then there is Lynn Turton.”

Quote from Moe Maghribi UoN Sport Futsal Alumni (started in 2011)

“I have been involved with UoN Sport for over 8 years, people have come and gone, committees have changed, the only person who has seen the journey of all of these is Lynn. She has been the mother figure for every sports person who ever represented UON for the past 13 years and each one of them would only have great things to say about her. Her constant smile and never ending energy has ensured that every sports team and individual is catered for and looked after.”

The outpouring of support in commendation for Lynn’s work has been remarkable and everyone at University of Nottingham is indebted to her work, dedication and spirit.

Congratulations to Lynn for her acknowledgement for his award and all of the others who have continued to drive University sport forward throughout their  commitment above and beyond the call of duty.

For more on University of Nottingham Sport please visit , www.nottingham.ac.uk/sport



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