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June 14, 2019, by brzmjb1

Tri Campus Games 2019 | Day 2 Results

Thin cloud brought a slight let-up from the beating sun for day 2 of the Tri Campus Games, but the temperature was nonetheless scorching at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia.

With results falling for all three campuses on day 1, it was all to play for and all teams came out fighting.

The first points of the morning were Team China’s. After a tight first half that saw the UK and China trade goal for goal in the Men’s Football, Team China pulled away in the second, the final score at the whistle: 7-3.

However, it didn’t take long for Team UK to come back with points of their own in the Men’s basketball, this time against Malaysia, drawing away in the final quarter to a 55-42 victory. Also currently undefeated, Team UK tennis secured the second win of the morning over Malaysia.

UK secure top spot in the Tennis after beating Malaysia

Again, midday saw a break in fixtures to allow teams to rest, recover and avoid the hottest part of the day, but the heat didn’t stop the closest game of Ultimate so far, straight after lunch. China took an early lead, pulling away to 9-3, after some exceptional defence and attack on the turn, Team UK clawed it back to 9-6 before China scored one more, leaving the score at 10-6 at 65 minutes. To win all China needed was one more point but once again Team UK would not be beaten, with incredible play from all players, they brought the score to 10-10 and now the next point would win the game. After 3 switches in possession and a very close call, China converted to see the match out in style, winning 11-10.

Team Captain Kat Cheng, speaking after the game, expressed her pride in her team, her gratitude to have been a part of such an exciting game, and finally remarked “if we have to lose, I’d like to lose like that”.

Sport Campuses Result   Winner
Men’s Football China – UK 7-3 China
Women’s Football UK – Malaysia 7-0 UK
Men’s Basketball UK – Malaysia 55-42 UK
Women’s Basketball Malaysia – China 15-18 China
Volleyball UK – Malaysia 2-0 Malaysia
Ultimate Frisbee Malaysia – China 6-12 China
Ultimate Frisbee China – UK 11-10 China
Badminton China – UK 4-5 UK
Tennis UK – Malaysia 7-2 UK
Table Tennis China – Malaysia 8-1 China
Squash UK – Malaysia 6-2 UK
Women’s Basketball UK – Malaysia UK
Men’s Basketball Malaysia – China 32-49 China


As the Volleyball wrapped up after a convincing win for Malaysia, crowds began to gather for the two remaining basketball fixtures of the evening. The first, the women’s, saw Team UK bounceback from their loss against China on day one, to defeat the host team. And the second saw a strong Chinese side do the same, bouncing back after a loss against Team UK to beat Malaysia 49-32.

Team UK badminton secure victory in the final game.

The final fixture to finish was the Badminton, with China up 4-2 after the singles, it was all down the doubles. Team UK took the first 2 sets but the last proved the most difficult. The Chinese pair sealed the first game of the final set but Tom Roper and Nicole Ho proved too strong winning the next and the final on the 3rd match point.

After another day of exhilarating fixtures, the athletes look to the trip to Malacca tomorrow as a chance to see more of Malaysia and to recover and regroup before the Day 3.

You can look ahead to Day 4’s fixtures here or keep up to date with all the Tri Campus Games action on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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