June 12, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Seven things every person thinks when joining a new group exercise class

Group exercise classes are a great way to work out, they add variety to your routine and all you have to do is book and turn up. There is no need to plan a workout, this is all done for you!

However if an exercise class is new ground for you, do not be intimidated we have created top tips on how to conquer the world of group exercise from brave booking to sweaty satisfaction.

  1. Feeling a sense of achievement when you managed to master the online booking system

You’ve been meaning to book for weeks but kept forgetting or creating excuses… scrolling down Instagram and forgetting why you were on your phone in the first place but you’ve finally done it!

There is no going back now.


  1. Not quite knowing what is going to happen in the hour long class

You read the description and felt motivated to book, however you aren’t sure what a full hour of ‘A fusion of dance, Pilates and Yoga to the beat of the music’ fully entails.

The positive to this is that you are going to add variety to your workout and likely learn some new movements. This might even be some of the reasons you booked onto the class. However we understand it can be daunting.

Top tip: Do not take yourself too seriously, if you can’t do a certain movement in your first class most people will understand… they have all been there.


  1. Going into a class and everyone knows each other

It might seem intimidating but in total honesty, this is a great sign, it shows the class is good and people come back so regularly you get to know each other.

Adding a social aspect to your workout will mean you are more likely to commit to a regular routine.

Top tip: Introduce yourself!


  1. Not knowing what equipment is needed so trying to sneakily look at everyone else’s

You don’t want to ask 100 questions to your new friends, so start copying the equipment they get out of the store, sneakily looking at the weights they pick up and trying to assess if you are as strong as them.

Top tip: Get a wide range of weights if it’s your first class, you don’t want to overload your muscles in your first class but you also want to challenge yourself. You might surprise yourself with being stronger than your thank you are!


  1. The instructor asks if anyone is new to the class

Either you are the only person with your hand up or you automatically befriend the other newbie with their hand up with a thankful exchange of a ‘we are in this together now’ glance.

Top tip: Don’t lie, put your hand up, this will ensure the instructor can help you set up your equipment properly or offer alternative movements during the session.


  1. Nervously hoping the instructor doesn’t come over to give you individual attention

Yes it might feel like all eyes are on you in the room when this happens, but the instructor is only helping you get the most out of your class and reduce the risk of injury.

Top Tip: Listen when they are providing advice and if you don’t understand stay and ask after the session. They are the experts after all.


  1. Catching your scarlet reflection in the mirror at the end of the session

Well at least you know you’ve worked hard…

Top tip: There’s no need to be embarrassed, you are glowing.


If you would like to follow our top tips and try out a group exercise class, please see the timetable here.

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