April 25, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Six Reasons to Jump in the Pool and Go Swimming

  1. It’s a full-body workout

Forget balancing, chest and leg days around your busy schedule. Swimming is the perfect exercise for toning, as it works all your muscles, in one go, strengthening your arms, legs and core.


  1. It is low impact and gentle on your joints

Swimming is low impact on your joints, this makes it perfect for the elderly or anyone recovering from an injury. If you find yourself high intensity training with jumping and landing, a swim might be exactly what your body needs, swimming reduces impact on joints by 90% compared to land-based exercise.


  1. Destress in the pool

Deadlines stressing you out? Head to the pool – 74% of people in a Speedo survey agreed that swimming helps release stress.

Over two-thirds of those surveyed felt that swimming had a positive mental impact, with 70% agreeing that it helped them to feel mentally refreshed.


  1. Are you short on time to train?

30 minutes of exercise in the water is the equivalent of approximately an hour’s land-based exercise. Swimming increases your metabolism, so you’ll keep burning calories once you get out the water.


  1. You don’t need to spend money on equipment

All you need is a swimsuit and goggles! If you want to use equipment like a kick-board, these are available for you to use at our poolside.


  1. Keep your exercise varied

Don’t sicken yourself off your favourite exercise classes or start to hate the treadmill, keep your exercise routine varied by adding a swim! It’s a great way to create muscle confusion, which keeps your body guessing and ramps up your metabolism.

If this blog has inspired you to dig out your costume and go for a swim, check out the Pool Timetable here.

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