March 14, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Why BUCS Big Wednesday should be in your diary…

You’ve likely heard the title a lot… but what is BUCS Big Wednesday?

The pinnacle of the university team sports programme, British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Big Wednesday, hosts championship and Trophy finals at one University on one day and it is returning to Nottingham for the BUCS centenary year.

The Championship finals see the top student Premier League teams in the United Kingdom battle it out to be overall National champion. In the Trophy competition, squads from the second tier of the BUCS leagues compete for the coveted Trophy Cup.

This year the University of Nottingham have 16 finalists confirmed, with only one more semi-final to go to see if the record number of finalists will be set even higher. You can find the current list of #GreenandGold Finalists here.

What does it mean to the #GreenandGold?

Success on 27th March, could secure our highest ever position in BUCS. Nottingham currently sit in 2nd place after finishing 4th for the past 3 years.

Playing in a final at home, provides a great home side advantage and with support from dedicated fans, or even those who want to know what all the racket is outside their bedroom window will help the #GreenandGold.

Our athletes at the University of Nottingham, have not just enrolled in a demanding course at University… they have spent their mornings in the high performance zone and Wednesday’s writing coursework on the team bus up to Edinburgh, all to have their spot in the final at BUCS Big Wednesday.

Be part of something special

Here at the University of Nottingham, we are proud to offer something unique for our students to experience. Whether you’re a student playing in front of a home crowd, or a member of the crowd feeling the emotions of each pass, team talk and goal, these experiences create memories for a lifetime and they are right here on your doorstep!

Tickets for University of Nottingham students and staff are discounted to £2 with a 25p booking fee, where every ticket purchased will go to the Official Charity Partner – Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre .

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