March 1, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Volunteer of the Month | February

With BUCS Big Wednesday round the corner our Leadership Academy and its volunteers have been busy preparing for the day but it’s not just internal volunteering projects we’re involved with. UoN Sport Leadership Academy run several Outreach schemes from Sports in Schools to Leaps to Success. Our latest Volunteer of the Month Megan Grandi is involved with one of our newer Outreach programmes Laureus Sports for Good, we caught up with her to hear all about this programme and her experiences.

All of our Leadership Academy’s Outreach programmes help our volunteers gain numerous life skills while working in a team and helping in local schools. No prior experience is needed to volunteer, Megan added she’d volunteered at home in Oxford many years ago alongside her mum but otherwise the Sports for Good Programme was a completely new opportunity for her to volunteer.

Megan, who is in her final year of MSc Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Medicine started the programme this academic year and has gone from strength to strength.
“My mum has always inspired me because community projects have been a huge part of her life, so when the opportunity came up to help out in local schools I really wanted to get involved and give something back to the community.”

Reflecting on her experience as a volunteer Megan said, “I’ve made new friends, built my confidence and developed skills in leadership. I’ve learned to improvise, problem solve and I’ve found something new that I love doing. The benefits I’ve seen for the children have also had a massive impact on my experience. It’s been great to see the children we have been working with really enjoy the sessions we deliver. Even those who may not participate in sport or enjoy usual PE sessions have loved being a part of it. Everyone has the opportunity to be involved an develop key skills that will help them transition from primary to secondary school and it’s been great to watch them grow.”

Congratulations Megan!

If Megan’s success story has inspired you, contact UoN Sport Leadership Academy for information on all our volunteer opportunities.


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