November 12, 2018, by Charlotte Gauja

Top Tips if you are attending Girls Night In!

  1. What to wear?

Wear what you think is appropriate but feel confident in.

Whether you’re a leggings girl or a tack suit bottom girl the most important thing is you can move in what you are wearing so it is appropriate for participating in exercise.

Sensible shoes are important too, trainers are recommended but if you don’t have them something like converse should be fine.

  1. Turn up alone!

If you haven’t been successful in persuading your flatmates to attend, don’t miss out- turn up alone! There will be plenty opportunity to pair up and meet new people in our sessions. We also have volunteers helping on the night who will make you feel welcome if you are anxious about attending! Equally if you see someone on their own, go have a chat with them- you might end up being exercise class buddies one day.

  1. Embrace the sweat!

Don’t worry if you sweat, go red or out of breath- that’s a completely normal reaction to exercise. We will also have… helping your hair ready for exercise so you won’t have to worry about your hair in your face.

  1. What to bring to Girls Night In?

Simply yourself wearing some sensible clothes and shoes.

  1. Test out the facilities at David Ross Sports Village…

Ever thought you weren’t ‘sporty’ enough to train in our David Ross Sports Village? If you head to Girls Night In, you can see the top class facilities we have for all levels of participation! Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a sports facility before or are a pro player, the David Ross Sports Village welcomes all our students!

  1. Give something new a go!

There will be lot’s of different sessions going on at the same time during Girls Night In, so don’t worry if you have tried a new session and are not enjoying it- simply move on! You might find a brand new activity which makes you feel great!


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