June 20, 2018, by Cara McIsaac-Hall

Nottingham prepares for the 10th annual Tri Campus Games!

With the games imminently starting on this Sunday the 24th June, the preparations for the opening ceremony are nearly complete.

The Tri Campus Games is an amazing annual event where students from all three of the University of Nottingham’s campuses (UK, China and Malaysia) come together to celebrate sport and compete in over 20 different specialists sports and team challenges.

Each campus takes it in turn to host this unique event which is held in June every year. Involving nearly 200 athletes from over 20 different nations it is an event quite like no other which we are proud to host here in Nottingham for this year.

The ethos that underpins the games being ‘Friendship Through Sport‘, which certainly resonates with many of the student athletes participating. Proving many students with an exclusive opportunity to participate in a sporting and educational exchange in the friendly spirit of competition.  Moreover, a cultural programme of visits and events runs in parallel with the Games, which allow students to immerse themselves in the culture of the hosting country.

Previous Competitors 

Many of our previous competitors have an amazing time at the Tri Campus Games and treasure the memories they have made. Here’s what some have to say about their experience and what ‘Friendship Through Sport‘  means to them…

Emily Clarke – Team Uk – Women’s Football 
“I participated in the 2014 Tri-Campus Games in Nigbo, China, during my final year of university and I can safely say that it was the most amazing way to end my university experience.  The memories I made there and the experiences I had means that it is always a great conversation starter! Learning all about a culture which, previously, had been completely alien to me, seeing a city I would never have otherwise been to and meeting the most amazing people made the whole experience unforgettable. The way we bonded as a team made the days we spent there even more special and it was actually quite heart-breaking when we all had to leave. It will always hold a very special place in my memories. “

Xinni YE (Ruby) – Team China  – Squash Team

“I joined the 3rd, 4th and 5th TCG Squash game. As a student of University of Nottingham, TCG is more than game itself, it brings me fantastic opportunity to make friends and experience new cultures. TCG is one of the most important memory of my life. The slogan ‘Friendship through Sports’ will be forever with me.

Yu HUANG – Team China – Table Tennis Team

It is all about friendship through a tiny ball : I am Yu From China, who’s the formal captain of table tennis team. There are three T-shirts always hanging in my collection cabinet, Team UK, Team Malaysia and Team China, to record my Tri-campus memory.

On the pitch we show the great spirit of athlete, focus and seriousness. However, beyond the game, we enjoy talking and eating together.

Poppy Baron – Team UK  – Team Captain – Squash Team
“The Tri Campus Games in China last year was such an incredible experience – from playing sport together to learning about their culture on days off and sharing many meals in the evening. I was a very proud captain for Team UK bringing home the silver medal for squash, but also so happy for the wonderful friendships formed on and off the court, it made leaving that little bit harder.”

Alex Russell – Team UK – Lacrosse
“Friendship through sport to me is simple. It means that everyone from all walks of life can come together and play and this is exactly what the Tri Campus games is all about“

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