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Varsity Round Up 2018: Green and Gold Win Varsity Series 11-9

After almost a month of intense competition, this year’s Varsity Series came to its conclusion last Sunday as University of Nottingham came out on top winning the series 11-9 and retaining the Notts Varsity title.

Here is around up of all the scores from the Series:

 2017 Varsity Series Results –  Final score: UoN 12 – 9 NTU

Sport Score Winner
Women’s Futsal  13-3 The University of Nottingham
Men’s Futsal 3-7 Nottingham Trent University
Netball 34-39 Nottingham Trent University
Women’s Basketball 48-53 Nottingham Trent University
Men’s Basketball 58-64 Nottingham Trent University
American Football 33-12 University of Nottingham 
Golf 9.5-5.5 University of Nottingham
Men’s Lacrosse 8-10 Nottingham Trent University
Women’s Lacrosse 15-5 University of Nottingham
Men’s Hockey 0-1 Nottingham Trent University
Women’s Hockey 6-0 University of Nottingham
Women’s Rugby Union 51-14 University of Nottingham
Men’s Rugby Union 26-55 Nottingham Trent University
Rugby League 26-6 University of Nottingham
Squash 5-0 University of Nottingham
Cricket 7wkts University of Nottingham
DRSV Super Wednesday 12-0 University of Nottingham
NTU Super Wednesday 7-0 University of Nottingham
Thai Boxing 1-7 Nottingham Trent University
Athletics 24-12 University of Nottingham
Ice Hockey 4-2 University of Nottingham
Football Void Point to NTU

NTU Netball produced what was perhaps the shock of the series defeating a UoN side who had won the 2017 Varsity Fixture 55-27 and had subsequently gone on to win the BUCS Midlands 1A league with double the amount of points as their 3rd rivals.

NTU were also able to avenge their 2017 defeat in Men’s Hockey as they won 2-1 in this year’s fixture.

The Green and Gold were rightly worried at one stage in the serie, however convincing vitories for Women’s Hockey 6-0, Women’s Rugby Union 51-14, Rugby League 30-6 and Men’s Cricket by 7 wickets put UoN on a path to Varsity glory.

UoN also set the record straight in the American Football and after losing last year’s fixture 25-12, they eventually came out on top in the 2018 meeting with an emphatic 33-12 victory.

In what is always a highlight of the series, UoN defeated NTU 4-2 in the Ice Hockey in front of a packed out Motorpoint Arena!

The series was brought to a conclusion with the Futsal fixtures on Sunday evening. With an attendance of close to 1,000 the Varsity Futsal event was the most watched Futsal fixture in the UK.

Both UoN and NTU really did give the fans value for money. After only narrowly winning the 2017 fixture 2-1, UoN Women’s Futsal shocked everyone with a mesmerising performance in this year’s fixture. In a game that was a testament to the quality of sporting ability on display throughout the entire Varsity Series UoN came out on top 13-3, in a match that was truly a joy to watch for everyone involved.

The final event of the 2018 Varsity Series was the Men’s Futsal, which was equally entertaining for the spectators. UoN took the lead early in the fixture and from then on it was an end to end encounter with NTU eventually coming out on top 7-3.

This year’s series was a sporting spectacle from start to finish, played in a great spirit and enjoyed by thousands of students from both Universities.

Ulitmately, UoN proved too strong for NTU, winning 80% of the fixtures they participated in and winning the overall series for the 7th consecutive year!

For a full list of fixtures as well as previous series results check out the official Notts Varsity website here. For all the action from the 2018 Varsity Series, check out our photo gallery here.

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