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Team Behind the Team | Sports Injury Clinic preparing UoN athletes for BUCS Nationals 2018


The University of Nottingham Sport Injury Clinic at David Ross Sports Village have been working hard over the past few weeks in preparation for BUCS Nationals on the 16th-18th February 2018, where the top level athletes across all of the UK universities will go head to head across 8 different sports in the City of Sheffield. The Sport Injury Clinic works closely with undergraduate students from the division of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences, and BUCS Nationals will be supported by a team of qualified physiotherapists,3rd year sport rehabilitation and physiotherapy students and massage therapists. Full support from the physiotherapy/ rehabilitation team will be available at the EIS, Ice Sheffield, and Ponds Forge venues, with further support available at the hotels following competition days. Over the course of the weekend athletes require a range of different levels of support from our team such as:

  • Strapping
    Strapping for stability over ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist, and thumb joints. Taping for the support of muscles and other soft tissues, which doesn’t limit movement but supports areas which may either be recovering from injury or are injured to an extent that does not prevent participation.
  • Sports Massage
    Massage for athletes throughout the competition. Pre-event massage will aid with blood flow to the area and can be utilised as part of a warm up if there are any areas of particular tightness. Massage during and following events are also available, for those competing more than once. It will allow increased blood flow which will assist the removal of lactate from the muscles and therefore reduce tightness and stiffness following events. Sports Massage can also be used as part of an athlete’s cool down.
  • First Aid Cover
    Unfortunately, injuries do occur at the highest level of British University Sport whilst there are medical staff on site who can deliver pitch side sports trauma, our team will be in place to expertly triage our athletes, effectively and efficiently, identifying their first steps to recovery. Our team will also be able to advise on the athlete’s participation in the remainder of the competition, and should they require further medical attention, the team may also advise create necessary arrangements for this.
  • Hydration
    Each athlete is well versed on the importance of hydration, but we are on hand to make sure our athletes are fully hydrated throughout the weekend. Provisions such as water, fruit, and cereal bars will be readily available at the venues so our athletes have the best possible chances of performing at high levels.

We provide the peace of mind that our competitors are looked after with an elite level of care and we wish all competitors the best of luck over the upcoming competition.

Medical Equipment ready to be packed and transported over to Sheffield to support our athletes

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