November 17, 2017, by Cara McIsaac-Hall

#NottsGirlsCan – Hannah Bishop

Across the country this week, universities are celebrating females in sport with the This BUCS Girl Can campaign  championed by British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS).

Here at University of Nottingham, we’re featuring a sportswoman every day who we’re proud to count as part of our #NottsGirlsCan community. From a Team GB athlete to complete beginner they all have one thing in common – sport has been a huge part of their lives and they want to share it with everyone!

Second in our series, we chat to Hannah Bishop who’s currently in her third year of a Physiotherapy degree at Nottingham. As well as volunteering on the student leadership team for our Intramural Sports (IMS) programme, Hannah also manages to find the time to play for the Women’s 2nd Squash team!

Why is sport important to you?

Sport is the place where I unwind and where I find myself in an amazing community of like-minded people. In my second year, I had a tough time coping with the stresses of University life. I found the sporting environment a positive place, full of friends that I could go and de-stress.

Why does sport make you feel good?

I know that the endorphins produced through sport make you feel good, but personally I also like trying to improve at something. Putting in time and effort and then getting results is always really satisfying.

What is your funniest memory of sport?

In my first year at University I took part in the Tri Campus Games in Malaysia, an incredible experience travelling across the globe to Malaysia to play against the other campuses.

To travel to the event all the participants were wearing matching kit with “Team UK’ across the back in bold writing. People at Heathrow airport kept getting out their phones and taking pictures of all 70 of us hauling our bags through the airport – I think they must have thought we were professional players or something!

Who inspires you?

I used to do a lot of middle and long distance running when I was younger and I will always remember Kelly Holmes’ face when she won the double gold at the Olympics in Athens 2004. Shock, relief, pain, joy. It takes a lot to be an athlete and particularly to do what she did. I’m also really inspired by her openness about the ups and downs of her mental health during her journey to gold. She’s a tough lady and I respect her a lot!

When you don’t feel like it, what makes you go to training?

I really value commitment and responsibility. If you sign up for something and drop out as soon as it gets tough, you won’t get far at all. It’s a principal that I try to hold to not just in sport but in life generally. If I want to see improvement in anything the likelihood is it won’t happen unless I do something about it. Perseverance is key!

What have you learnt from sport?

Pride. When I was younger I didn’t have a great attitude always to my team mates – I used to get frustrated if we weren’t all at the same level. But now, having run IMS Squash where there is a diverse range of players with different skill sets, I appreciate that the variety of people is what makes the league. I recognise and respect the courage it can take for individuals to get involved. Sport isn’t just for the ‘talented’ or ‘most-able’. It’s for everyone who’s got the guts to give it a go.

One piece of advice you’d give?

Don’t compare yourself to others – just do your best!


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