June 13, 2017, by Kate Rothery

Blog: Fixtures get underway at the 2017 Tri Campus Games

This week, 120 students from all three of the University of Nottingham international campuses have come together for the annual Tri Campus Games.

A sports competition featuring eight different discplines, the event theme is ‘Friendship through Sport’ and includes an opening and closing ceremony as well as cultural visits.

Hosted in 2017 at our Ningbo campus in China, the first fixtures started this morning during the early hours UK time. Jonny Wilson from Team UK updates us on the Games so far….

By: Jonny Wilson (Team UK Table Tennis)

I was selected by random draw from the 4s and 5s BUCS teams selection to play table tennis at the Tri Campus Games (TCG) 2017 in Ningbo, China. I was pretty excited and lucky to be selected, and join three team mates, along with two players from the intra-mural table tennis league, to form the table tennis squad of six.

It was a bit crazy getting up so early to make the bus from the David Ross Sports Village but it was a good bus journey to Heathrow which gave us a chance to chat to our teammates and learn a bit about the people we’d be staying and playing with.

When we arrived in Ningbo, all three universities took part in the ‘get to know you games’ which were great fun and introduced us to people that we otherwise wouldn’t have met from the other campuses. It was really cool to hear about what got them into their sports and it’s hard to bond more than when you’re getting super sweaty with people! That evening the opening ceremony was a treat to behold, not just because I had the honour of being the flag bearer for Team UK, but the performances from the traditional dance groups and orchestra really brought together a well-rounded show.

Our first match against Malaysia was a 9am start on Monday. The end result of a 6-3 win doesn’t reflect how tight the matches were. The men got us off to a good start with myself and our 3rd seed Michel winning our games. My own match can only be described as a 5 set thriller with a lot of big shots and celebrating from any big points, with the final set being won 11-8 to finish off the tightest match of the day.

The women also won 2 matches with the wins coming from our top two players Kayleigh and Eszter. This gave us a solid lead and needing only one win from our mixed doubles results to finish with a win overall. We managed to win two of these to finish off the match and then went for a cheeky Chinese with all of the table tennis players from all 3 campuses!

I am really looking forward to watching the other sports going on throughout the week. I think the one I most want to see is the basketball as it is likely to be a big event to spend time with new friends. I am also excited for our match against China where I can test myself against the big guns who are expected to steamroll their opponents!

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