March 1, 2017, by Kate Rothery

Ten things you DON’T need for a triathlon (promise)

Thinking about giving triathlon a go but not sure if an all-in-one is for you? Fancy a challenge, but your bike has seen better days? Love the idea but worried about the costs of getting all the kit?

With the popular Notts Triathlon back on University Park campus on 2 April 2017, the organisers from University of Nottingham Triathlon set the record straight for triathlon newbies.

Forget the lists of expensive gear – here’s ten things you can manage WITHOUT.

  1. A bike

You really don’t need a top spec carbon TT bike (or even know what one is) to ace a triathlon.  Any bike will do, from rugged mountain bikes to the aerodynamic road bikes, the tough commuter bikes to the one-wheeled unicycles (not recommended but to each their own). And if you can’t beg or borrow one, then the Notts Triathlon team even hires bikes for free on the day.

  1. A tri-suit:

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee rock this handy piece of kit, which you wear for the swim, bike and run. If you’re not sure, a normal swimsuit with some shorts and a T shirt to pop on after your swim will do the trick, we promise.

  1. Bike shoes:

Also known as fancy clip in shoes, favoured by top triathletes. They might save you a couple of seconds when changing, but if you’re not gunning for an Olympic qualification time, a decent pair of trainers and basic pedals will do the job.

  1. Special laces:

Remarkably similar to the laces we had at primary school, triathlon laces are elasticated to help you get your shoes on and off as quick as possible. Assuming you did learn your knots and bows, your standard laces will be fine even if they take a little longer to do up.

  1. A swim hat:

Not the priciest of items admittedly but not always available in your latest 24-hour convenience store either. That’s why the team at Notts Triathlon provide swim hats for all competitors in your race pack, and you can keep them for your next race! Swimming costume, however, definitely don’t forget to pack that.

  1. A race belt:

Exactly what it says on the tin; a belt used for races. The theory is you pin on your number before the start, so when you get out the pool, you can just clip the belt on the go. Or you can simply pin your number to the t-shirt you will cycle and run in – no fiddling with pins in transition.

  1. Fancy energy products:

Energy gels, electrolyte drinks, and protein shakes; perfect if you are used to using these products, but you don’t need to be a nutrition nut to get through a triathlon. Bananas, flapjack, or anything a little sugary, will work perfectly as race fuel.

  1. Swimming / cycling / running ability:

We’re serious!  We think everyone can give triathlon a go! But if you detest getting your hair wet, and your mate hasn’t ridden a bike for too many years to count, why not share your strengths and enter a relay team? #dreamteam right?

  1. Months of training:

Completing a triathlon is a physical challenge and that’s why it can be so satisfying. However, it doesn’t mean months of 5am starts lapping the pool. A sprint distance, like the Notts Triathlon, with a 400m swim, 15km bike ride and 5k run can be tackled by anyone who’s prepared to give it a go!

  1. Plenty of cash:

Even if we’ve convinced you to ditch the expensive gear, what about the entry fee? Not to worry, as well as being local, the Notts Triathlon costs just £40 for adults, with kids’ entry starting from just £15. Even better, if you commit to raising money for our charity partner Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, we’ll give you 40% discount, just use code LIFECYCLE7 when you sign up (T&Cs).

Feeling more confident about giving triathlon a go?

The popular Notts Triathlon is back for its third year on 2 April 2017 on University Park Campus at The University of Nottingham.

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