February 19, 2016, by Laura Estrop

BUCS Nationals 2016- Spotlight on: Dan Nicholls

Today’s the day! The 2016 BUCS Nationals are happening today… right now in fact!

Our UoN Sport athletes will be here in Sheffield all weekend with high hopes of victory and BUCS success. For our final spotlight on blog, we caught up with karate star, Dan Nicholls.

Where are you from?

I’m from Cannock, about 20 miles north of Birmingham.

What sparked your interested to start Karate?

My interest in Karate started around age five, after being recommended to attend a local club by a school friend. I was originally “forced” into it by my parents because I was such a shy child, petrified to talk to anyone. A trait that was demonstrated in my first few sessions where I didn’t want to join in so sat at the side, clinging to my parents.

What’s your favourite technique?

My favourite technique is easily a front hand “jab.” My home club had a slogan for me: “Everyone gets jabbed!” which has now transferred over to the University team.

What does a typical training week look like to you?

A typical training week now looks something like:

  • Monday evening: strength and conditioning (one and a half hours)
  • Wednesday: squash (excellent for footwork and general fitness)
  • Thursday: circuit training and sparring (three and a half hours)
  • Saturday: Kumite (fighting) training (two hours)
  • Sunday: Kumite training (two hours).

Occasionally I fit in a short jog if I need to get out of the house!


Ireland 2008

What’s your most notable achievements?

I won my biggest title was aged 12. I was selected to go to the WTKA World Championships in Italy in 2007. I fought in two different styles of karate, managing to come away with a Silver and Bronze medal in the two disciplines. Since then, I have competed in the European Championships in Austria 2012, placing 4th, and competed in Japan earlier the same year, winning two fights but then losing in the 3rd round. Since the age of about 11, along with my home club, I travelled to Ireland to compete every year, overall securing two gold, two silver and two bronze medals. I also frequently travelled up and down the country hoping to add to my trophy cabinet along the way.

Now in the University team, I was part of the Male Kumite Team for my first two years, the first year winning Bronze and last year winning Silver. We all hope to continue the obvious trend this weekend!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years time, I hope to still be competing, and maybe even continue a coaching role, following on from taking the Captain’s role at University which involved coaching and teaching all Kumite sessions.

Good luck, Dan and to all of our athletes from all of us here at UoNSport!

Don’t forget to follow all of the action from the BUCS Nationals on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also right here, as we’ll be updating each regularly throughout the weekend! There will also be regular updates on the BUCS official website and social media channels. Keep your eyes peeled and phones on ready to help us celebrate! 

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