September 16, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

Blog 4: Reflections on Chinese Training

By Liam McTiernan.

So as we come to an end here in China, Team UoN have certainly had a memorable and beneficial trip. The training has been extremely hard work and the team have done a great job in taking the most away from the opportunity.

Throughout our time at the Chinese Table Tennis College we have been faced with both physical and mental challenges. Training at the highest intensity and focusing on crucial technical factors such as technique, footwork and consistency has taught the players long term skills for future development. Additionally training at this intensity for such a long time period, 6 hours daily for 10 days, has forced us all to keep mentally fit and motivated. Gabriel had his say on the training: “I thought the intensity was kept very high throughout and I have certainly taken away key points that can help the development of my game.”

The chance to also visit one of the largest cities in the world, Shanghai, has also been a great experience for all the players, especially those who have not visited before. In the limited time we had outside the training hall it was great to see some of the Chinese culture. Alongside our previous trip to the Shanghai market, on the last evening we took a trip to the Shanghai skyline which was spectacular, Adam said it was the highlight of his trip and one day hopes to return.

Looking forward, the last 10 days of intensive training has certainly equipped the team with short-term and long-term skills that will undoubtedly help us succeed this season in the upcoming BUCS competitions. Our main aims for this year will be to retain both the men’s and woman’s BUCS Cup and to also win the men’s premier division and woman’s top flight division.   With all teams strengthened this year by the new incoming players and the great training opportunities available such as the China trip, national coaches and international sparring partners, UoN Table Tennis has everything going for it and will once again hopefully score the most BUCS points for the University. I speak on behalf of the whole team that went to China when I thank Alan Cooke for accompanying us, the University for making it all possible and the Chinese Table Tennis College for having us come as train with them.

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