September 8, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

Blog 1: Table Tennis Touch Down in China

By Liam McTiernan.

University of Nottingham Table Tennis Team are lucky enough to be spending the next 10 days at the Chinese Table Tennis College for the pre-season training camp. The players who are fortunate enough to go include Liam McTiernan, Yolanda King, Adam Harrison, Emma Ludlow, Gabriel Achampong and Paul McCreery. The players are also joined by England national coach Alan Cooke who will help run the training and make sure all the players make the most of the opportunity.

After all meeting at Birmingham International Airport at 4:00am we were all set for our 12 hour flight to Shanghai. When we arrived we were greeted by the Chinese table tennis college who took us to the hotel by bus. After arriving we arranged a short training session for a couple of hours in the afternoon to get used to the conditions and give us time to recover from travelling into the Chinese time zone, which is 7 hours ahead.

The venue itself was huge with 3 floors and a total of 120 Table Tennis tables. The training hall we played in had 40 tables in it and had taraflex flooring, making the conditions perfect for training. From tomorrow we will endure 6 hour training sessions everyday and take part in various other forms of physical training. With it being Adam, Gabriel and Emma’s first time to China they are excited to experience what the training and culture will be like on the rest of the trip.

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