June 25, 2015, by Natalie Flanagan

Tri Campus Games: Day 3

With the Tri Campus Games reaching the penultimate day of the competition, the intensity has remained high. Teams UK, China and Malaysia have all been striving for victory as the number of fixtures left to play have been steadily decreasing: it was all to play for on Day 3, with each team wanting a piece of Tri-Campus fame and glory.

Following yesterday’s cultural visit to York, the athletes were ready to get thrown right back into the action. With 18 fixtures scheduled to grace our Nottingham campus on Day 3, it was due to be an incredibly intense day of sport. The morning’s fixtures did not disappoint. We witnessed a stand-off between UK and China, as both teams battled it out across football, badminton, basketball, squash and table tennis. Team UK dominated the football, with the men winning 5-2 and the women winning with an impressive 8-0. However, Team China demonstrated their sporting capabilities in the badminton, where they battled hard to achieve well-earned overall victories in the ladies and men’s singles, the men’s doubles and the mixed doubles. Team UK put up a good fight, but was left with only an overall victory in the ladies doubles. The UK women’s basketball team added to their winning streak with a convincing 60-16 win over China. Team China dominated the men’s table tennis, with an 8-1 win over Team UK. Team UK fought hard and won the women’s singles, 5-4. In the doubles, China earned a 2-1 victory, however the UK bounced back with a win in the mixed doubles. There was fierce competition in the squash fixtures, with the momentum constantly shifting between both teams throughout the morning. Team China managed to finish on top, stealing the glory with a 14-13 win.

Teams UK and China post Badminton match photo!

Badminton Teams UK and China posing together post their morning fixtures

The afternoon buzz gave the morning rush a run for its money, being equally action packed, filled with a variety of sporting battles between Teams UK, China and Malaysia. In the volleyball, China were undeterred from Monday’s defeat, and bounced back to win a strong 3-0 against Team UK. The men’s basketball saw UK and Malaysia in a nail-biting encounter with an especially intense fourth quarter, with the score-line equal with less than 3 seconds to go. UK managed to nab the victory with the final score 41-40 over Malaysia. In the men’s football, Malaysia were in top form earning a 4-0 victory over Team UK. The afternoon’s fixtures saw the victories fairly equally dispersed between UK, China and Malaysia.

The atmosphere remains competitive as the athletes continue to engage and excel in their respective competitions. However as the week has progressed, and following yesterday’s cultural visit to York, it is clear that Teams Malaysia and China have become increasingly integrated with Team UK. It is incredible that simply through their love of and participation in sport, these athletes have had the opportunity to come together from all over the world and compete.

Team UK and Team China post-match photo!

Friendship through sport, whatever the score. Team UK and Team China posing post their encounter ending 8-0 to Team UK.

Matches are scheduled to run well into the evening, with the women’s basketball and volleyball not scheduled to finish until 9pm. With 12 hours of sporting action on Day 3, it has been relentless. The last day of the competition is just around the corner, yet the intensity is not predicted to waver, with the overall victor of the Games still undecided. As sad as it will be to see Teams China and Malaysia return home, hosts UK will look back at these Tri-campus games and be satisfied with the knowledge that they put on a great show, forged new friendships and had a blast battling it out for Tri-campus glory. Bring on TCG Malaysia 2016.

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