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May 19, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

The Knockout Effect

by Indy Bamra from the University Park Fitness Centre

Let’s not misinterpret boxing as an aggressive sport with no real fitness purpose. Boxing actually requires you to be both physically and mentally prepared as you need a combination of skills to perform well, including excellent speed, quickness and power.

I personally find it the most enjoyable form of cardio due to its variation and the muscular strength you gain. Boxing really tests your cardio strength and pushes you to the limit as you have to incorporate good body co-ordination. When I train in the Fitness Suite, I often do boxing sessions with James just to vary my training and to do some quick and fast cardio.

I caught up with James recently to find out why he swears by boxing as one of his favourite workouts:

“Boxing really helps people to decrease body fat and improve muscle mass. You need a lot of strength to kick and punch so many times during boxing, and you forget how much your core, upper and lower body co-ordinates – this is what will strengthen and tone your body. Punching and kicking in boxing will get your heart rate up and is a great source of cardiovascular training, which puts enough stress on your heart and lungs that you have no option but to push yourself. You should feel a lot stronger and start to notice the muscular definition, especially in your upper body, if you add boxing to your weekly fitness routine.”

For those of you like me who feel the need to do cardio but sometimes get quite bored or fed up with the same treadmill routine, book in for our popular Boxfit class today.  It will feel like a knockout win after the session, as if you have done a hard core cardio and weights session! If you feel slightly apprehensive about boxing or what the class will entail, then book a 1-2-1 session with an instructor who will be happy to go over any moves and queries with you before you step into the ring.

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