Barbell Workout

March 30, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

Barbells before barcrawls

by Indy Bamra from the University Park Fitness Centre

I understand that feeling where the idea of following a personal fitness programme seems like a daunting and exhausting idea. But, it does give you a clear outline of what you need to do in the session and it gives you a consistent plan to follow and progress with.

The idea of going on a bar crawl may seem more appealing than hitting the gym for a quick session, but why not try one of my new favourite barbell workouts before you get yourself to the bar? It’s quick and is also a full body work out.

Aim to do at least two to three rounds of this barbell workout in the gym (which should take you about 45 minutes to complete).


Firstly grab a 15-20 kg barbell – go heavier if you can – and aim to achieve 15-20 reps for all exercises:

  1. Deadlift
  2. Straight leg deadlift
  3. Reverse grip row (hold the barbell with an underarm grip)
  4. Lunge and twist body to opposite side of leg with the barbell ( the barbell should be behind you, resting on your shoulders)
  5. Back lunge and into bicep curl (hold the barbell under grip in front of you close to your body)
  6. Lie down and hold the barbell up – now leg raise
  7. Suitcase carry – hold the barbell in one hand and walk in a straight line and back, then alternate to other hand and repeat
  8. Suitcase dips – hold the barbell in one hand put your other hand against your temple and dip. Then swap the barbell to the other hand and repeat
  9. Put the barbell down and go to the assisted pull up machine and do 5 sets of pull ups with 5 reps at a comfortable weight
  10. Finally, to complete this workout aim to do three sets of mountain climbers – 45 seconds each and you’re done!

You may struggle to walk afterwards, but it’s all good fun, right?

If you have any questions about the barbell workout plan, then please don’t hesitate to ask an instructor at the Fitness Centre.


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