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February 9, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

We fitness foodies know good health

by Indy Bamra from the University Park Fitness Centre

Some say it’s 60% diet and 40% exercise, or you should scrap the gym and just eat well, or you can eat whatever food you want if you go to the gym regularly. But which is the right answer?

Eat well, train better

There are many theories of what you should and shouldn’t do to get that dream body, or what you should do to start that healthy living dream you’ve been tempted by.

From experience, I’ve found that training often encourages me to eat well, and I often find myself trialling healthy food recipes as a result. Believe me, you really will start to enjoy all aspects of fitness if you can learn to love healthy eating, good training ‘tekkers’ and embrace the gym as your hobby and not a chore.

Yes, you may find that you eat more and more, but you’re burning more fat when you train and your body starts to force you to feed it more food to survive on – don’t panic, you’re becoming a fitness foodie! Your body will crave protein, good carbs and vitamins, because when you train your body uses these up and will require more protein to repair the fibres you broke down during training. Your body will become stronger as you work out more and more and it will depend on minerals, proteins and those good carbs such as sweet potatoes.

Healthy eating excuses

Okay, so what’s the real reason that’s putting you off healthy eating? It doesn’t need to be expensive, as there are ways to create lots of cheap and quick clean eating meals. Many of us just feel we can’t always think of what to make, but there are many recipes that we’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks on the blog to make your food exciting, so keep your eyes peeled and stop your stomach rumbling.

If you want a healthy snack, then why not try cutting half an avocado and putting a small dollop of cottage cheese in the middle. You get your good fats from the avocado and your high protein intake from the cheese. You can thank us later!

Very few… or some… okay, a lot of you may be thinking: “I eat clean and train dirty, so why am I not looking like this and like that?”. Mixing your training up is important, as it makes your body respond better to different forms of training. Why not book some of our fitness classes such as HIIT, I.C.E or Kettlebells?

Speak to our foodie doctor

If you would like our food doctor to analyse your diet, then please don’t be shy to contact the Fitness Centre on 0115 846 7533 to get some more information on booking an appointment to see our foodie doctor Adam Willis. And remember, healthy eating helps you get those gains!

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