June 9, 2014, by Mike Munro

TCG 6: Getting to know you

Team UK completed the TCG line-up on Saturday afternoon following their transcontinental journey to Ningbo – Team Malaysia having arrived the previous day.

You could be forgiven for assuming that term was still in session here given the number of student volunteers on hand to help their international colleagues settle in. It seems that wherever you turn you’ll see a green t-shirt and a smiling face – our very own ‘games makers’.

One thing that can’t be mistaken however is the item at the top of the agenda for everyone in Ningbo this week. UNNC may have some pretty spectacular buildings but there’s one landmark that you can’t fail to miss ahead of all others – the Tri Campus Games schedule takes pride of place in the High Street, emblazoned on a giant hording at the heart of student living. Those accommodation blocks situated close by are of course doubling as the athletes’ village for this week’s event.

Although the games didn’t officially open until Sunday evening, all athletes found time in their training schedules to join in with a series of ‘getting to know you’ games on Sunday afternoon. In true TCG spirit, athletes from all three campuses formed new mixed teams to throw themselves head first into a number of ice breakers (naturally with a competitive edge!). The final water balloon challenge was extremely welcome in the 30ᵒC heat as well as confirming the universal humour in seeing members of University staff get soaked wet-through.


The host campus couldn’t have been more accommodating and they certainly pulled out all the stops for the official opening ceremony. A show featuring traditional Chinese music and dance as well as a spectacular fireworks display drew large crowd of local residents as well as those based on campus. Keen to keep this post to the point, I won’t attempt to describe the spectacle as I’m not sure I could do it justice. A picture speaks a thousand words after all. Here’s six.

If you’re still hungry for more on the last few days at UNNC and want to save me writing a tome, be sure to check out our TCG Flickr album for all the latest images of the action throughout the week.

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