June 12, 2013, by Zoë Goodwin

Me, some research & a blog – The Clinical Series

Hello all. It’s Zoë, Graduate Trainee reporting from the Communications team. You may have already read some of the posts I’ve written for the Press Office blog but I’m here today to introduce you ‘Research Exchange’ readers, to my brand new series.

So since starting in the Communications team mid-April, I have done a lot of writing – press releases, blogs and even some tweets. I have really been enjoying writing but what has been particularly motivating is finding out about these interesting press topics I’m writing about.

I’ve had a lot of stories which have landed on my desk in want of some press coverage, mainly regarding awards which have been honoured to the University. When you are given a story to write, you are often given the main facts and some contact details and are left to create the full picture in words.

I started writing press releases on day one of this placement and have enjoyed delving into the story, finding out the necessary who, when, where and whats. As a new member of the team, I have been given some of the nicest stories to write about. I did a press release about a research team in Clinical Oncology who were awarded ‘Research Team of the Year’ by Breast Cancer Campaign; one regarding a group of friends raising funds and awareness of brain tumours in children; and another about innovative research into new treatments for patients with severe Arthritis.

From writing these I delved quite deeply into their research, starting off in a blind confusion due to having no previous scientific knowledge, but then (with the help of Google) I developed an ever-growing curiosity.

I then decided to do a little exploring of my own. I decided to remain focused on clinical sciences as I rummaged through the jungle of published pieces, unearthing some of the greats. That all led to this blog; a chance to delve deeper into the work of the academics which cross my path here in Communications, and a chance to then share these with you.

So that is what I am going to do – highlight the research which has ignited something within me – a spark of interest, a sense of importance or even a personal memory. You may even want to say that I will be giving out Zoë Awards, closely second to a Nobel Prize in their prestige.

So the first series of this blog will star the School of Clinical Sciences. This is the largest school in the University which covers a diverse range of hospital-based medical and surgical disciplines. The clinical series will put the spotlight on several pieces of remarkable pieces of research, coming to you in weekly light-hearted blogs.

No previous clinical knowledge necessary to enjoy.

Keep following.

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