March 15, 2013, by Tara de Cozar

UoN at the Houses of Parliament

UoN PhD researchers are heading down to London next week to exhibit at SET for Britain, an event at the Houses of Parliament. They’ve produced posters outlining their research for MPs to peruse. The idea behind the event is “to encourage, support and promote Britain’s early-stage and early-career research scientists, engineers and technologists who are the “engine-room” of continued progress in and development of UK research and R&D, and ultimately of UK plc”, according to the SET website.

It’s divided into three areas — engineering, biological and biomedical science and physical sciences.

Here’s a taster of the Nottingham work that’ll be showcased in the exhibition on Monday…

  • Craig Bullock — Craig’s researching a new drug targeting osteoarthritis pain
  • Dr Graham Rance — Using a combination of advanced analytical techniques, Graham has shown that carbon nanotubes are the ultimate nanoreactors suitable for the synthesis of a wide range of different products, which are already changing the way that chemists make and study molecules
  • Mathew Savage — Mathew has discovered a material with exceptionally high methane storage capacity which could find use in on board storage tanks for natural gas powered vehicles
  • Gabrielle Flinn — will be talking about bumblebees and whether predation on queens has a ‘maternal effect’ on their workers

Andrew Miller MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, said, “This annual competition is an important date in the parliamentary calendar because it gives MPs an opportunity to speak to a wide range of the country’s best young researchers. These early career scientists are the architects of our future and SET for Britain is politicians’ best opportunity to meet them and understand their work.”



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