April 4, 2018, by Franziska Koch

Shuo Hua about the up-coming EACS-panel “Marketing Chinese Art in China & Abroad”

Shuo Hua, PhD candidate (University of Hong Kong) and ReNetMoCoCA member, kindly shares information on one of the exciting panels of the up-coming EACS Conference (University of Glasgow, Scotland on 29 August-1 September 2018). According to EACS, final information on all panels and participants will be made available on their website by summer:

In the upcoming European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS) Conference entitled ‘China and the World: The Mapping of Exchange’, Dr. Fongfong Chen, Shuo Hua, Alina and Claire will present four papers under the theme “Channels of Intercultural Commerce: Marketing Chinese Art in China & Abroad”. This panel proposes to consider the theme of China and the world from the global market perspective in relation to Chinese visual arts. Consisting of four presentations, the panel will unfold how Chinese modern and contemporary art as well as ivory antiques are marketed through special channels of public display, critical writing, private exchange and cultural debate. The panel chair is Dr. Yupin Chung (Curator of East Asian Art, The Burrell Collection, Glasgow Museums).

Starting with Dr Fongfong Chen’s (University of Hong Kong Museum and Art Gallery) paper, the development of Chinese commercial art culture in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century China will be considered, focusing on the local and international networks in print media. The discussion will then shift to the closing decade of the twentieth century in Shuo Hua’s (PhD candidate, University of Hong Kong) presentation that investigates the positioning of Chinese experimental ink art for the Western and domestic commercial reception through various platforms of critical art writing. The third presentation, given by Alina Sinelnyk (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh), will evaluate the recent commercial boom of contemporary ink painting by Chinese migrant artists in the United States, based on the tailored promotion by the public museum and private dealership sectors. The panel will be concluded by Claire Bouillot’s (PhD candidate, Centre Norbert Elias, Marseilles) paper on the debates around the auction circulation of Chinese ivory antiques in France and Hong Kong since the 2000s.

Through these four interesting and connected case-studies, the panel aims to illuminate the different ways, in which Chinese art was and is marketed for a commercial exchange between China and the rest of the world.

Reference: Alina Sinelnyk, Panel application submitted to the EACS committee, unpublished.

Author of the entry: Shuo Hua, provided for the ReNetMoCoCA blog on March 28, 2018.

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