September 29, 2022, by Franziska Koch

Heidelberg’s Konfuzius Instiute invites online participation to English/German evening with Chinese science fiction author Regina Kanyu Wang, Oct. 2, 2022

The Confucius Institute Heidelberg would like to draw your attention to two events  of the project “TRANSLASIEN” that will take place this Sunday, October 2, 2022. The workshop on Asian science fiction literature with  renowned translator Karin Betz, Heyne publishing editor Sebastian Pirling, Indologist Prof. Hans Harder (SAI), the former head of the Book Information Center of the Frankfurt Book Fair in Beijing, Dr. Jing Bartz, and publisher Dr. Nora Frisch. The workshop will take place at the SAI / CATS campus and will be held in German.

On Sunday evening, Chinese science fiction author Regina Kanyu Wang will speak with Frederike Schneider-Vielsäcker at the DAI about female futures in China and her science fiction short story collection “The Seafood Restaurant.”
The talk will be held in English, passages of selected stories will be read in German.

Feel free to forward the announcement to anyone interested.

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