March 16, 2022, by Franziska Koch

ANN: internat. e-symposium “Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting” 20 & 27 April 2022 8-10:30 EST (Univ. of Maryland)

The Department of Art History and Archaeology, University of Maryland in partnership with The Mozhai Foundation and The Center for East Asian Studies will hold a two day long virtual symposium on “Modern and Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting: Histories, Borders, and Values”, 20 and 27 April 2022, from 8:00-10:30 EST.

Ink painting is arguably the most vibrant of China’s many national arts. Modern ink painting, from the early 20th century onwards, embodies the heroic story of constant renewal and reinvigoration of Chinese civilization through rebellions, revolutions, and reforms in the political and cultural arenas. More recently, ink painting in its multiplicity of forms, has become the face – both literally and figuratively – of contemporary China.

Rather than conceiving of Chinese ink painting merely as a medium, the aim of the symposium is to reconsider its historical, theoretical, cultural, social, and political dimensions. What are the ways in which contemporary Chinese ink painting embodies Chinese culture and society?  How have indigenous and foreign traditions impacted Chinese artists? What are the multiple contexts in which these artworks have been created and circulated? The purpose of this symposium is to ultimately help us take stock of the present state of Chinese ink painting, and to re-consider the multiplicities of contexts, histories, boundaries, and values that have combined to shape its current expression.

To join this public two-day online international symposium with scholars, curators, and practioners of ink painting, please register (free of charge) and find out additional information and the agenda here:

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