July 19, 2016, by Franziska Koch

The network’s founding committee and members

The following scholars constitute the founding committee which supported the launch of the network (chaired by Franziska Koch) and discussed its initial set-up at the international symposium “(In-)direct speech. ‘Chineseness’ in contemporary art discourse and practice. Art market, curatorial practices and creative processes” at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, Portugal, March 19, 2015. The founding committee agreed to help in the administration of the network’s blog, confirming membership applications on a continuous basis and to foster the circulation of up-to-date information on the members’ various research activities and publications in the field of modern and contemporary Chinese art. The committee will also discuss where and how to organize the second larger network conference envisioned for 2017/18.

Foster, Nicola (The Open University, London)
Gladston, Paul (University of Nottingham, Nottingham)
Hill, Katie (Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London)
Holmes, Ros (Christ Church, Oxford University, Oxford)
Hopfener, Birgit (Free University Berlin)
JIANG Jiehong (Birmingham City University, Birmingham)
Kennedy, Beccy (Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester)
Koch, Franziska (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg)
Lopes, Rui Oliveira (University of Lisbon, Lisbon)
Marsden, Rachel (Birmingham City University, Birmingham)
Roberts, Claire (University of Melbourne, Melbourne)
Teo, Wenny (Courtauld Institute of Art, London)
Wang, Peggy (Bowdoin College, Maine)
ZHENG Bo (Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong)

For more information on the members academic profiles please visit their hyperlinked personal websites at affiliated institutions or academic social media platforms.

Aggeklint, Eva (Stockholm University, Stockholm)
Bartlett, Voon Pow (Tate Research Center Asia, London)
Boden, Jeanne (Lieven Gevaert Centre for Photography at KU Leuven, Leuven)
Chin Davidson, Jane (California State University, San Bernardino)
Ćirić, Maja (University of the Arts, Belgrade)
DENG Tianyuan (Columbia University, New York)
Dunbar, Zoe (The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester)
Gaetti, Silvia (Ethnologisches Museum Berlin, Department for North and East Asia, Berlin )
Grosser, Sabine (Fachhochschule Kiel, Kiel)
Guest, Luise (The White Rabbit Collection, Sydney)
Hatesaul, Kathrin (Daimler Art Collection, Germany)
Hua, Shuo (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Huang, Bihe (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg)
Laureillard, Marie (Université Lumière-Lyon 2, Lyon)
LI Shiyan (Université Aix-Marseille, Marseille)
LO Yuen Yi (University of Macao, Macao)
Lok, Susan Pui San (Middlesex University, London)
LU Carol Yinghua (Independent Curator, Beijing)
Manonelles Moner, Laia (University of Barcelona, Barcelona)
McDonald, Sarah (University of Puget Sound, Tacoma)
Mitchell, Lily (Birmingham City University, Birmingham)
Parke, Elizabeth (University of Toronto, Toronto)
Pölzl, Petra (Free University Berlin, Berlin)
TSAI Ray-Lin (I-Shou University, Kaohsiung)
Valjakka, Minna (International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University, Leiden)
Vigneron, Frank (Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Wallace, Keith (Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery/University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Yin, Dingwei (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg)
You, Mi (Academy of Media Arts, Cologne)
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