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July 19, 2017, by Jessica Watson

Gaokao and Direct Admissions in China

In China, we’re implementing Campus Solutions and MyNottingham in stages throughout summer. We started at the end of April with the launch of the student records module of the system. In July, we’ve now launched the next elements of the system – the Gaokao interface and Online Application and Admission (OAA) module.


Gaokao is China’s National Higher Education Entrance Exam. The Gaokao interface allows Campus Solutions to read the Gaokao file, which contains the information of domestic undergraduate applicants. Similarly, staff can process the applicant information and to create student accounts for them.

We received two files in the first two days, with 91 applications successfully processed. The rest of the files will continue to arrive throughout July and August. To date, we have processed nearly 1,000 applications.

OAA – Direct Admissions

OAA enables direct applicants to submit applications through MyNottingham, the student and applicant portal. They can also check their application status, receive notifications and upload documents through the portal. At the back-end of the system, Admissions staff can use OAA to process applications, admit applicants and create student accounts.

The team in Ningbo are currently running dummy applications through the OAA system. The dummy applications are letting us check the process works in practice and pick up any defects. Whilst applicants can use the system if they are given the link to the system, the link is not readily available whilst the process is being checked. The link to the system will be added to the University’s website for applicants by mid-August.

Training to use the system

Training is underway for colleagues in departments working with Admissions, including the Admissions and Career Development Office, Global Engagement Office and Graduate School. Colleagues are being given access to the system after completing their training.

Thank you…

Thank you to all involved in supporting the specification, development, configuration, testing and implementation of these two go-lives.

What’s next?

The team are now working towards the go-live of the student portal, MyNottingham, in August. The portal will be used by students for online registration ahead of the new academic year in September.

Several interfaces will be launched over the coming weeks to allow students to make full use of MyNottingham when they return. Activity includes the launch of an interface to allow for individual timetables, the implementation of the interface with Bluecastle Evaluate and the update of course codes in Moodle and Rogo.

Our plan is that, by the end of September, Ningbo will be using Campus Solutions and MyNottingham as the master student record.

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