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July 18, 2017, by Jessica Watson

Catch up with Chloe – Direct Admissions

In the next in our series of blogs from the Admissions team, we catch up with Chloe Brereton. We spoke to Chloe in 2015 when she started using Campus Solutions for UCAS Admissions. Two years later, she is now working with Direct Admissions and preparing for another go-live with Campus Solutions.

Here she writes about her role now and what changes she hopes Campus Solutions will bring to her team.

Hello Chloe…

I have been working in Admissions at the University of Nottingham for four years now. During my time in Admissions, I have worked on both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate teams in various roles. I was working on the Undergraduate team when they went through GoLive 2 (the introduction of Campus Solutions for UCAS Admissions).

I am now an Admissions Manager managing the Engineering and Arts faculties for Direct (Postgraduate) Admissions. We are currently preparing to go live with Campus Solutions for Direct Admissions.

My role now

Currently in Direct Admissions, we use four different systems to process our applications. We use PG Desktop Application, Saturn 3, Saturn PG and the application portal. The move to a system which will hold all of the information we need to receive and assess an application and then process the offer is very exciting.

I haven’t attended any training sessions yet for the new system in relation to the Direct Admissions go-live. However, I was heavily involved in the implementation of the system within the Undergraduate team as part of GoLive 2.

I have also been involved in some testing and Expert User sessions for the next go-live. The testing I carried out was focused on OAA, the new Online Admissions Application system. It was really good to get a look at the system early on, as it meant I had some indication as to how the finished product would work.

Looking forward

As a manager, my hope is that the new system will take away the ever-growing number of work-arounds that we’ve needed to incorporate into our standard processes and procedures. There are so many fiddly little bits to remember. Removing these will hopefully give the team greater confidence in their work.

I am also really excited by the prospect of applications not being fully submitted until all the required documents have been uploaded by the applicant. This is going to have a huge impact on the amount of emails we will have to send, and therefore receive.

It will also speed up the decision making process, allowing us to provide the applicants with an even better service. I’m looking forward to getting started with the training program for the Direct Admissions go-live. I’m feeling optimistic about the improvements it will bring.

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