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June 30, 2017, by Jessica Watson

Admissions Business Readiness and Terminology

The next big go-live for Admissions in the UK is only two months away. Firstly, UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) Admissions goes live on Campus Solutions at the beginning of September. This is closely followed by the launch of the system for Direct Admissions in October. Business Readiness Manager, Martin Joyce, is helping to make sure the Admissions and Student Services teams are prepared for the launch.

Business Readiness Workspace for Admissions

Following the success of the Business Readiness Workspace for Student Services, Martin has created a dedicated Workspace area for Admissions. On the site, you can find information for staff and academics on Project Transform Business Readiness activities, including answers to your questions.

The Workspace is visible to everyone with a University staff account (you will need your University log-on to access it). If you have an associate ID and you find you cannot access the site, you may need to request access to the Space.

The site is still in development so, if you’re involved in Admissions, watch the Space to make sure you get the latest updates.

Campus Solutions glossary available

Those of you who are already using Campus Solutions will know there are some new terms to learn.

When we’ve spoken to staff at other universities who are using Campus Solutions, they said that a glossary is indispensable to getting to grips with the system. Taking their advice, we’ve created a glossary which you can now find on Workspace. We recommend that you keep this glossary to hand when you start to use the system.

The glossary is a working document. It will be added to as we continue to talk to colleagues about how they will use the system.

Changing terminology

The new terminology is not just system language. It includes some different words for core university language.
You may have heard that we plan to change some of the language we use in communications with current students to match this new language. Be assured that this is only for current students. It doesn’t affect any communications with prospective students or applicants. This is because we want to keep consistent language with UCAS and other universities for this group.

We will be releasing more information about the changes in terminology for current students over the next few months. If you work in a role that includes communications with current students and want to know more about the changes, see the Student Services Business Readiness site, or contact your Student Services Business Readiness Manager.

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