Female undergraduate student at the student card registration, University Park Campus

October 19, 2016, by Ryan Neal

Student Registration

Registration for the 2016/2017 academic year took place using the new solution developed by colleagues from various teams across the University, and has progressed exceedingly well.

Two registration events were held for new students to complete the in-person part of the registration process. The event on 23 September for international students who were attending the Welcome programme registered 1,400 students and the event at the Sports Centre on 26 and 27 September registered a further 9,000 students; a total of 10,400 students seen in 20.5 hours and an average of 507 students per hour.

Once the events concluded, students were able to complete in-person registration either at one of the new Student Service Centres or at a specially provided venue adjacent to the Portland Building. 11,524 students have now completed the in-person part of the registration process. As usual, returning students registered online only. By the time registration closed on Monday 17 October, 31,324 new and returning students had completed online registration.

The teams are now focussing on following up with new and returning students who have yet to register.

This activity has been supported by the technical solutions and processes developed by colleagues across the University. Its success is a testament to the hard work of all involved in designing, supporting and delivering these processes.

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