April 27, 2016, by Ryan Neal

Change Impact Documents now available

In order to help colleagues in Schools, Student Service Centres and Professional Services understand the key changes from Project Transform as clearly as possible, Change Impact Documents have been put together as aids to understanding the Change Management process. These are now available for colleagues to review and provide input to and can be found on the Project Transform Workspace.

There is a separate Workspace page for each document and these break up each area of the student journey down into specific activities, comparing the existing process against the new process. This highlights any significant changes, with the final column giving an indication of who will be impacted by these changes.

Each Workspace page offers the ability to add comments therefore, if you have any questions or feedback relating to the process, these can be added directly to the relevant page. Any comments or concerns raised on Workspace will be incorporated where appropriate.

These documents are only the first version and are anticipated to be updated throughout the Project.

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