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January 26, 2016, by Ryan Neal

The Project Transform communications archive

The project has now made a communications archive available. This is a catalogue of all official messages sent out by Project Transform and is accessible to all staff at The University of Nottingham.

In the internal communications survey recently conducted by the University’s Communications team, we received a number of responses relating specifically to Project Transform. There were two particular pieces of feedback that prompted the inception of a communications archive. These are as follows:

1). The cascade method is not always effective – the intended recipients of a message do not always receive the message due to varying factors.
2). When there is a high volume of comms, it’s not always easy to understand which source of information is the most current.

It is hoped that the communications archive will alleviate these two challenges. By making the archive available to everyone in one place, all staff will be able to check for messages on an ad hoc basis. Since the archive is organised by date, it will always be clear which message is most recent. Please note that the archive only consists of project comms that have been sent out by the Internal Communications team, and will therefore not include any emails that you may have received from individuals within Project Transform.

The Project Transform communications archive can be found on Workspace.

The catalogue can be sorted by date, message format, sender and recipient group. The Workspace notification system can also be used to alert users of updates to the archive. To activate this, simply visit the communications archive page, click ‘Tools’ in top right-hand corner and then select ‘Watch’ from the dropdown menu. You will then receive an email each time an item is added to the archive.

The Project Transform team hopes that this will be a useful resource for all colleagues. To have future blog updates sent directly to your inbox, enter your email address into the box in the top right-hand corner of this page.

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