Taidhgh O'Regan

September 30, 2015, by Ryan Neal

Video blog: Taidhgh O’Regan – Business continuity

One of the many areas of work that Project Transform has been focusing on over the last few months is business continuity. There has been a lot of activity going on both behind the scenes and with colleagues from around the University to form business continuity plans for the institution but one of the first questions that you may quite rightly ask is, ‘What is business continuity?’

In this video blog Business Continuity Lead, Taidhgh O’Regan, explains what business continuity is. He also gives some insight into how Project Transform has been working with the University to achieve business continuity and shares some of his own thoughts about the process. Watch the video below:

If you are unable to view the above video please click here for an alternative version.

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