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July 10, 2015, by Ryan Neal

Meet the team: Robert Dowling, Director of Engagement & Transition

In each of our ‘Meet the team’ posts we will focus on a different member of the Project Transform team so that you can get to know the faces behind our work. You’ll learn a bit about each person’s experience prior to the project along with their hopes and aspirations for the solution that we’re delivering. You’ll also get to find out a bit about who they are outside of work. This week’s subject is Robert Dowling, Project Transform’s Director of Engagement.

1. What’s your name?

Robert Dowling

2. What’s your job title?

Director of Engagement & Transition

3. What are the main aspects of your role within Project Transform?

I oversee the implementation of the solution (i.e. the new set of systems and processes around student management) within the University. This includes the new roles and the organisation structure being put in place.

4. Have you worked with The University of Nottingham before?

Yes, I’ve worked at the University since 1994.

5. What was your role prior to Project Transform?

I was Director of Academic Services before being seconded to Transform.

6. How does your previous experience relate to your current role?Robert Dowling

The activities undertaken by Academic Services (which included admissions when I was Director) maps against the majority of the scope of Transform.

7. What aspect or functionality of Project Transform are you most looking forward to seeing in action?

The clarity of role responsibilities and devolved authority to carry out the actions necessary to fulfill those responsibilities.

8. What do you think Project Transform’s greatest benefit will be for The University of Nottingham?

See Number 7! I also believe that the Oracle system we have purchased is a powerful tool that will provide the foundations for the University to develop the quality of its management of students in the long term.

9. How do you spend your weekends?

As peacefully as possible!

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