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Hosting a postgraduate placement added creative value to our team

Great British Sports Cars (GBS), a leading name in the British and worldwide sports cars industry, share their experience of hosting a University of Nottingham postgraduate on placement in their digital and marketing team.

~ Sreeyesh

We recently had a student from the University of Nottingham join us for a few months as an intern on our digital marketing and brand building project. We have been working with The University of Nottingham to offer Postgraduate placements at GBS, and last year we were delighted to welcome Sreeyesh Galla to the GBS Team. Sreeyesh who has now graduated from the university of Nottingham holds a MSc in entrepreneurship, innovation, and management.

With his strong background in design, digital marketing, and creative skills, he has developed valuable content for our twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube media handles. Helped Design T-shirts, posters, flyers, and other such documents for GBS.

Sreeyesh is in here at the factory 3 days a week and will continue to be in till the end of his placement in February. After which he plans to further pursue his career in the field of digital marketing. It has so far been a great experience of having students here at GBS. Not only are they gaining some valuable industry experience and exposure, but they also add creative value to the team here at GBS. This collaboration with the university of Nottingham is a great way to learn those desired skills and we are proud to say that Great British Sports Cars is one of those places where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

A few words from Sreeyesh about his placement………

“Firstly, as a car enthusiast I was more than delighted to be offered a placement with Great British sports cars. The learning for me has been vast and continuous in terms of skills, the business knowledge, and automobiles in general. I was very well received by the team here at GBS and that made my experience all the better. I had Two members of the team pick me up and drop me at the train station every day and I could not ask for more. Even during the busy days, they always took time out to teach and explain how things worked in detail. They answered all my questions patiently and that has been a great help to me, someone who is just starting my career. I was given complete creative freedom in creating the content for the social media handles and marketing adverts, which helped me learn through experimentation and creativity. The marketing head at GBS has been a patient teacher and a great guide.

This placement has been a great learning experience and of great benefit to me career wise. I cannot wait to come back for the ‘Cars and Coffee’ event and witness a true British car manufacturer show off. Lastly I would like to thank GBS and the University of Nottingham Researcher Academy for giving me this lovely opportunity”.

Sreeyesh will also be coming back in March to join us at our GBS Cars & Coffee event which he has been involved in help promoting and designing literature for etc. Visit our event page to see more details about this event.

We are just in the process of offering another University of Nottingham student a Postgraduate placement in our Design and Engineering department and are looking at possibly offering more placement opportunities throughout the year.

Article originally published at Great British Sports Cars.

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