September 29, 2021, by Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

10 reasons to do a postgraduate placement

Words supplied by Researcher Academy placements alumni.

#1 – Learn new skills

“I learnt how to use new tech, and have now devised a great career path.”

#2 – Develop your creative thinking

“The placement helped me build independent and out of the box thinking. The best part about the whole experience was recognition and appreciation for my work, which encouraged me to perform even better.”

#3 – Become a trusted colleague

“Highlights of doing my placement included gaining valuable contacts, the experience speaking with strangers about complex topics, the trust received when the director realised my worth, scope for travelling and attending conferences and events.”

#4 – Get out of your comfort zone

“I would recommend this to any student who wants to push their limits.”

#5 – Gain exposure to SMEs


“I was exposed to start-up life, which was a great eye opener to the areas in which I need to improve.”

#6 – Get recruited

“My placement turned into a full time job offer, so I would like to thank PPN for making this possible.”

#7 – Use your research skills in a new way

“I think academia can sometimes be a box, especially when doing a PhD, doing a placement allowed me to see how I can do research in other settings and use my academic experience in different environments.”

#8 – Develop your time management skills

“I personally believe having a placement forces you to have better time management and develops prioritization skills which contribute to a higher quality of academic work (quality over quantity). This resembles the reality of a working environment and helps better prepare students for being a higher performing worker.”

#9 – Become more career-savvy

“If there’s a career path that you’re interested in but don’t have much knowledge or experience in, it’s a great way to develop that.”

#10 – Stand out from the crowd

“Placements are the only thing which really differentiates you in a crowded job market from everyone else.”

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