October 11, 2017, by Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

A Perfect Match: my PPN placement experience

This week we hear from Rishov about his postgraduate placement with SOE Health Ltd.

My hope for doing a postgraduate placement was that I would be able to gain practical career experience while earning my postgraduate degree. The project I was placed with at SOE Health Ltd by Postgraduate Placements Nottingham (PPN) perfectly met this aim. It helped me to supplement my lab experience with technical training in the drafting of regulatory scientific documents. Moreover, as a pharmaceutical biochemist, I was delighted to be able gain experience in working with cutting-edge medical technology at a developmental stage. The 200 hours placement project was immensely flexible and gave me the the option to work from home when necessary. This fitted perfectly with my hectic academic schedule and also allowed me to earn a good amount of money.

My actual job was to do a profound literature review about the biochemical interactions that the Soe Mac device makes with the human body. This would then be used to acquire the medical device safety certificate from MHRA, U.K. Initially this felt quite challenging as I had not prior experience of the regulatory affairs domain. Fortunately I was more confident about the science involved which was very much related to the theory of antioxidants, where I have considerable experience. In the end I learnt a great deal with regard to both of these elements of the project and I was delighted to find that, as I explored the science involved, I became more adept in the chemistry of free radicals.

A definite highlight of the placement was having the best boss ever. On the very first day Mr. Neil Steintiford, the Managing Director of SOE Health Ltd, trusted me with a SoeMac which was the device I was going to be working on. From the initial project briefing stage, through my weekly updates, and up to the conclusion of my placement, he was very easy going and always happy. I never felt pressurised and I really learnt so much from him and from the project.

I’ve gained many invaluable and transferable skills from the placement, as well as an understanding of regulatory affairs, research and development in an emerging medical device company. As well as my appreciation toward SOE Health Ltd, I’m really grateful to the staff at Postgraduate Placements Nottingham (PPN) as I feel it was their expertise and ongoing support that enabled me to be matched with the right host organisation and achieve such a successful placement outcome.

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